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Tsubaki1212Given the growing industry demand for cost-effective, robust and ever more powerful drive chains are today often stress fractures of connecting straps or other related defects in the chains used. While in the ANSI standards, minimum standards for roller chains, but the chains of reinforced high-performance Tsubaki exceed these requirements by up to 70 percent compared to standard chains.

H, HT, Super, Super-H and Ultra-Super are called the powerhorses with a performance well above the ANSI standards, because they are, according to the manufacturer, much better than standard chains. They not only overcome material fatigue and space problems.

All reinforced chains consist of roller and bolt connectors inserted in series. The rollers maintain their longevity by being solidified by shot peening after the heat treatment. The increased fatigue strength owe the chains to the connecting straps. These have a wider center piece, which increases the permissible payload. The longer service life of up to 30 percent in the Super Series is achieved by the lubrication groove located on the inner surface of the bushes. Special bolts made of high-strength steel, which are additionally heat treated, increase the tensile strength and resistance to impact load. In addition, the closure members of the Super series have the patented punch ring compression, which ensures a 100 percent permanent load capacity of the main chain.

The reinforced high-performance chains have been specially developed for applications with high performance requirements. They are used in difficult environmental conditions and high impact loads. They are also suitable for use in installations with limited space and compact machine drive. If the requirements for performance, payload and tensile strength are very high, the reinforced roller chains are also the first choice. For applications that require a lower coefficient of expansion than normal, the reinforced ones should be High performance chains are used.

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