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tsubaki1012The new low-noise SN Roller Chain (Silent Noiseless) of Tsubaki has been prepared according to the "International Standard for Environmental Management and Inspection." It reduces the noise of machines, thus improving the overall working conditions. She is also higher strength requirements.

So far, one used the V-belt to reduce noise. These, however, brought restrictions in use, strength and higher total costs. The SN roller chain is ideal for use in roller conveyors, spinning machines, medical testing equipment, packaging machines, automatic doors, escalators, wrapping machines, the canning industry, for stage equipment or in storage applications.

Quiet operation is made possible by the use of original spring rollers from Tsubakimoto. If the sprocket engages in the new SN roller chain, the spring roller absorbs the impact force. Compared to standard roller chains, the noise level here is about six to eight decibels lower. This information comes from a test in which a chain load of 3,92 kN was present, the chains were only pre-lubricated and the measuring point was from sprocket 300 mm.

The working temperature range of the SN roller chain includes -10 ° to + 60 ° C. The permissible speed is 200 m / min. According to the DIN 8188 standard sprockets can be used in the construction. The SN roller chain can be exchanged directly with a standard roller chain.

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