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habasit1012Motek Hall 5, 5323 Stand

Habasit Timing for his program's patent-pending mechanical end connection "HabaSYNC hinge joint" has developed. How quickly and easily so that the belt does change, it is Motek visitors can stand on Habasit convince himself. The manufacturer also shows a wide range of fabric conveyor belts and power transmission belts and modular belts and chains for machinery and equipment.

The HabaSYNC belt in countless machines and equipment in daily use. They allow precise positioning of products in assembly and transport processes. They are among the extremely heavily loaded components of a system. Even if the company on high quality materials, meticulous workmanship and sets individual assembly, belt wear parts are used in many applications that are exchanged within fixed service intervals.

The mechanical end joint HabaSYNC hinge joint allows for fast and easy belt changes, reducing downtime and changeover costs significantly. The patent-pending hinge connection is fully integrated into the belt and offers maximum stability and easy handling. Especially on large machines or systems that are difficult to accessible, through the use of this end connection can be a time-consuming disassembly or modification eliminated locally.

The hinge joint connection is welded in the belt. On both sides of the end, there is a stainless-steel hinge, which is integrated in the belt and is connected by a metal pin. The assembly of the hinge joint is very simple. In this technique, all teeth are intact and completely. Only remains in the region of the connection, a narrow-section tooth side and back-recognizable. The belt is used as usual and for the application at any disadvantage. Unlike other mechanical terminations, the hinge joint is transverse and dehnsteif and to bending. The geometry of the belt is not changed.

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