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Lambda0712Tsubaki presents the fifth generation of its maintenance-free BS / DIN Lambda roller chain, It complies with the company's stringent environmental standards, as evidenced by the "Eco Link" logo. The new Lambda chain benefits from several advances in manufacturing and materials technology, resulting in 50% longer wear resistance. The chain is characterized by four core features: oil-impregnated sintered bushing, specially coated bolts, central countersunk riveting and stamped ring compaction.

The bushes of the lambda chain are oil-impregnated and consist of sintered metals. The lubricant composition as well as the oil impregnation methods were put to the test and optimized. The revised geometry of the bushings and improved heat treatment increase the performance of the Lambda roller chain. The microscopic pores in the seamless sintered bushes were filled under vacuum with a high performance lubricant. The improved bushing design now allows 50% longer wear resistance.

The bolt surface of the Lambda series is equipped with a hardening special coating, which ensures permanent self-lubrication. This increases the life of the chain and reduces maintenance.

The exceptional countersunk bolt facilitates disassembly of the chain. On the basis of a marking on the rivet head the operator recognizes the installation status of the bolt. If it has rotated due to overloading the chain, it must be replaced.

The Lambda roller chain has a patented stamped ring compression of the connecting links. This ensures that the chain can be specified up to the full rated power. Conventional links in typical slip fit (Slip Fit) usually have a 25% lower fatigue strength than the other chain links. The punch ring compression has solved this problem.

For conveyor belt applications, the initial elongation now defaults to 25%. This reduces the need for maintenance after installation, as the chains need less adjustment. The result is an overall longer wear resistance. The new chain shows a very stable elongation pattern. This also minimizes the need for rearrangement between the chain and the gear.

Picture: The maintenance-free BS / DIN Lambda roller chain has four key features: 1 oil-impregnated bushings; 2 Special coated bolts; 3 Central Countersink; 4 punch ring compression

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