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Tsubaki05121For forming, filling and vacuum-tight packaging offers Tsubaki the roller chain based gripper chain. Their specially designed movable grippers allow a reliable hold and an exact positioning.

The gripper chain type M was designed for extended operation. Their springs are designed for more than ten million cycles at high speeds. The spring design allows optimal clamping force, high toughness and high accuracy. With the swivel opening open to the outside, an optimal product infeed for a smooth product transport can be realized. Depending on requirements, TSUBAKI also makes grippers of types S, L and BU available. They can be opened straight up and down.

For the versatile applications of the gripper chain, such as the food industry, electronics production or medical technology, various variants are available: For environments with high moisture content, the nickel-plated chain is ideal. It not only improves the appearance but also increases the corrosion resistance. If the user attaches importance to maintenance-free or environmentally friendly production, he should opt for the lambda chain. Special oil-impregnated bushings allow lubrication-free operation as well as longer service life and avoid contamination in this chain. For environments in the hygiene and wet areas, there is a corrosion-resistant gripper chain in stainless steel. The specially coated NEP chain combines the proven design of the high-strength carbon steel chain with an environmentally friendly and corrosion-coated special coating.

The manufacturer offers a special installation technology that allows users to quickly bring the chain to the desired length: special bolts with countersunk riveting allow easy chain mounting. In addition, the factory pre-stretching minimizes the inlet elongation of the chain. Color coded links facilitate identification and can be conveniently installed using spring locks.

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