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Tsubaki0212The use of conventional oil-based lubricants on chain drives has long been troublesome in many applications. Due to higher cleanliness requirements in industries such as the paper converting industry, packaging technology and electronics, low-maintenance chains are playing an increasingly important role. The Drive chains of the Lambda series by Tsubaki have an environmentally friendly lubrication system that supplies itself.

The lambda chain is a roller chain that uses a special bush made of porous sintered material. By means of a vacuum process, the oil is introduced into the capillaries and thus a reservoir is created in the chain for lubricant. During operation, the lubricant can come to the surface of the sintered bush by heating and capillary action and thus form a light lubricating film. The chain no longer needs additional or additional lubrication because it supplies itself with the necessary lubricant. The roller chains are compatible with standard BS / DIN and ANSI chain sizes.

The chain combines all the benefits of a low-lubricant application with a convenient, easy-to-install design (BS Series). It is based on the so-called Senkvernietung, which is used for easy disassembly of the chain. The patented stamped ring compression, ie the chain link with which the chain is closed, contributes to increasing the fatigue strength. That is, normally the closure member is the weakest member especially with regard to longer loading cycles. Due to the defined material compaction at the punched holes of the closure flap an increase in the material tension in this area and thus a higher strength is achieved, which has a positive effect on the fatigue strength. The operating temperature range is -10 ° to + 230 ° C depending on the lubricant used in the sintered bushing.

The chain can directly replace standard roller chains, only standard sprockets are needed. In contrast to normal lubricated chains, the Lambda chains run dry, that is clean. They are available in sizes 06B - 24B in single and duplex versions. TSUBAKI keeps these in stock, unlike the low-maintenance chains from other manufacturers. Both BS / DIN and ANSI have a large selection of attachments available. In addition, the range for special applications includes the specially corrosion-protected version Lambda-NEP and the X-Lambda series with a particularly long service life.

In addition to the maintenance-free standard chains, the Lambda series also includes a number of other variants, such as a high-performance series or a version specially designed for the food industry.

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