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geppert1211All stainless steel and with curve is the new Plastic module conveyor EM-C equipped by Geppert band. In addition to the frame, all axles and bearings are made entirely of "stainless steel". After only four to six days, the EM-C will be delivered in individual dimensions.

The EM-C is offered for each angle to be bridged between 15 and 180 ° and in four chain widths from 147 to 607 mm. It is characterized mainly by its sleek design and its small inner radius, which means it can be used even in limited space. The frame is only 18 mm wider than the plastic module chain, at the deflection it is only 44 mm. The height of the frame including chain is 95 mm.

Just like the complete conveyor belt, the modular plastic chain of the EM-C meets the high hygiene standards in food, pharmaceutical and chemical production. It has very good detachment and cleaning properties, is particularly hard-wearing and individual links are easy to replace.

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