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Habasit presents his Timing belts of the product line "Habasync" for use in assembly, handling technology and automation. With special coatings and standardized or individually designed carrier profiles, they fulfill a wide variety of transport and drive tasks. The portfolio of fabric conveyor belts and drive belts as well as modular belts and chains for machinery and equipment will also be on display.

The fields of application for the timing belts in the industry are diverse and range from synchronized conveying tasks with pinpoint positioning to linear drives. They are made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), combined with high-strength steel or aramid, which, as tension members, prevent elongation. Depending on requirements, for example frequent changes of direction and speed, reinforced tension members are also used.

Thanks to the flexible assembly of the timing belt, not only is the exact size, width and length freely selectable. Also different divisions (metric T, AT, HTD or imperial) are possible. For the different transport requirements in addition to the choice of suitable surface coatings and drivers in any form, number and sequence can be applied to the back of the toothed belt. The punching of holes and milling grooves, for example, for welding of V-ledges is also possible.

The timing belts are delivered on request open or endlessly connected and, if necessary, adapted by technicians on site to the systems.

More than 60 coating types ensure the correct grip of the toothed belt, ensure low-noise operation, are abrasion-resistant or resistant to chemical influences. In addition to standard coatings available on the market, materials are also available that have proven themselves over decades as a surface for fabric conveyor belts. These can now be transferred to the timing belt. The HAL coating is suitable, for example, for the transport of glass: The elastomeric material has a longitudinal groove structure with constant coefficient of friction, is resistant to temperature fluctuations from -30 ° to 100 ° C, extremely resistant to abrasion and does not stain.

Other coating variants, such as NAG, Linatex, PU yellow, Supergrip or PU film, allow flexible adaptation of the conveyor to the conveyed material thanks to their particularly grippy structures or high adhesion. Additionally applied profiles are used to separate, sort and accurately place components. Custom-made Toothed belts guided on roller bearings come with a coating of chrome split leather, the teeth of which are laterally milled off around 2 cm. The electromagnetic rollers, which run in the area of ​​the milled surfaces, serve as a driver for the steel sheets to be transported and hold them in position. The applied chrome split leather ensures a gentle transport. Due to its resistance to greases, oils and environmental influences, it is predestined for rough industrial use.

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