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With its range of conveyor belts and automation components, as well as the Quick-Set profile system, Montech demonstrates how individual conveyor technology can be implemented with just a few parts. The Conveyor belts are as a construction kit designed with functional components. Thanks to their modular design, they can be put together individually and easily and inexpensively lengthened or shortened. The modularity of the conveyor belts allows adaptation to customer-specific requirements and integration into complex systems or machines.

The conveyor belts are suitable for use in production machines of various industries and are used, for example, in assembly automation, tool and production machines, automatic lathes and in the packaging industry. With the vacuum conveyor, light, flat products can be transported at high speeds. Compared to conventional conveyor belts, the vacuum conveyor belt has a more dynamic acceleration and deceleration ramp and a higher transport speed of maximum 5 m / s. While conventional handling solutions have an unproductive return journey, the vacuum conveyor dispenses with this.

For the transport of workpieces up to 120 kg, the manufacturer shows a multi-track conveyor belt with belt or toothed belt. It has three drive variants with helical geared motor. Depending on the drive variant, acceleration, deceleration, belt speed and starting positions can be freely selected. Gentle transport of the workpieces is ensured by a defined acceleration and braking ramp.

The clean room conveyor belt, which has been certified by the Fraunhofer Institute for the cleanroom class ISO 5, opens up new possibilities for use in personnel-free rooms. It offers five tape speeds; Optionally, a simple belt or a double belt can be used. The cleanroom conveyor belt is available with head and center drive in chassis widths between 45 and 250 mm; It can transport up to 40 kg in the conveying mode.

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