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The production and processing of textiles of all kinds requires mature processes and very different properties of the process and conveyor belts used. Whether with regard to chemical resistance, the question of driving characteristics or in terms of energy efficiency - every task has its own special challenges. Habasit GmbH offers belt solutions for transport and drive solutions for all aspects of the textile industry. One focus of the portfolio is on the Stacker tapeswithout which nonwoven production would be unthinkable.

habasit1To ensure that the quality of the final product meets even the highest customer demands, nonwovens are processed using fibers of consistently high quality and fineness. Only if the strip surface on the stacker is extremely conductive and the coating is chemically resistant will the fabric net not be warped and not stick. The Habasit stacker belts ENB-6EE and ENT-6EE meet these requirements. Thus, a stacker machine equipped with them can produce both heavy and light nonwovens up to a width of 4000 mm. The tapes have very good release properties, the tape surface does not become brittle, does not age prematurely, and no micro-cracks are formed, which cause fibers to stick. All fiber types and weight classes currently available on the market can be smoothly and evenly processed on these tapes. They are mounted in a short time and have a long service life. Scrap and downtime are minimized, increasing efficiency.

habasit2Another important reason for the high performance of these belts is their transverse rigidity. The tape does not form wrinkles that could damage the fabric, nor does the fabric itself fold or warp. The flexibility of the tape in the longitudinal direction provides high flexibility and reliability. This improves in particular the production conditions in high-speed machines. Special attention was paid to the weight of the bands; They are extremely light and therefore use less energy.

Printing blankets, tangential belts and spindle tapes

In addition to the stacker belts, the company offers further solutions for almost every tape application in the textile industry and is market leader in the field of printing blankets and established in the manufacture of tangential belts and spindle tapes. Especially in the field of "Habasync" timing belts, customers benefit from the many years of experience of developers in the band sector. In addition to the precision-made timing belts, the manufacturer now offers a wide range of coatings that have the necessary properties to allow products to be correctly indexed and handled safely and effectively. The respective coatings meet a wide variety of requirements and guarantee reliable and synchronous product transport for a wide range of applications. Coated Habasync timing belts are available with the following features:Habasit4

* Abrasion resistance and chemical resistance

* Compressibility

* electrostatic discharge - antistatic properties

* very good release properties

* even movement

* Heat resistance

* optimally matched coefficient of friction

* Shock or vibration damping.

The chemical and thermal properties meet the requirements of textile production, packaging and transport processes.

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