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TsubakiThe "Zip Chain" Lifter is an application of the Zip chains of Tsubaki, These chains allow the lift table to be extended and retracted according to the zipper principle. The electrically operated mechanism offers twice the energy efficiency of conventional hydraulic lift tables. It is about 28% more energy efficient in terms of transmission efficiency than systems that extend the shear arms diagonally upwards. A built-in regeneration unit sends the energy generated by the descending platform back to the main power plant.

This can recover up to 30% of power consumption. In addition, this lift table can reduce travel times, resulting in high speeds, throughput rates and stopping accuracy. The Zip Chain Lifter can extend at a speed of up to 50 m / min, with a positioning accuracy of ± 1mm. There are different types with up to 2000 kg lifting capacity. For this innovative application, TSUBAKI has received the "METI Minister's Award" from the Japan Machinery Federation.

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