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tsubaki2The specialist for drive elements and cable carriers Tsubaki presents itself at the Hannover Messe as a solution provider for the reduction of total cost of ownership (TCO). With the drive chains presented, smaller sizes with higher performance, less maintenance and longer service life can be realized. The focus is on the GT4 Winner chain, the Poly-steel chain and the NEP chain.

The drive specialist has downsized smaller sizes, not just the same but even higher performance. This means that the equipment or machines equipped with it require less space. In addition, the company has chains in the program, which are specially designed for the respective application, thus enabling a longer service life and longer product service lives. This significantly reduces the maintenance times. The whole thing can be additionally optimized by good maintenance staff. For this Tsubaki offers targeted training of the production staff and a process-accompanying review of the equipment. In addition, users will be able to reduce their own administrative and storage costs in the future through product standardization and supplier reduction implemented in the manufacturer's manufacturing process.

tsubaki1The focus of the trade fair appearance is the new RS roller chain "GT 4 Winner". Their high-precision cylindrical and seamless bushings lead to optimum power transmission between pin and bushing. The patented lubrication groove bushings ensure long-lasting lubrication between pin and bushing. The bolts were riveted down for easy disassembly. In addition, the patented punch ring compression of the closure tab increases the strength of the closure member to 100% of the base chain. The GT4 Winner chain is used for example in drives of civil engineering machines.

The company also showcases the superlight PC (poly-steel) chain and the salt spray-defying NEP chain. The lightweight PC combines the advantages of plastic and stainless steel as a combination chain. Designed for BS / DIN and ANSI standard applications, this grade of corrosion provides a clean and durable alternative to stainless steel chains for applications requiring corrosion protection and freedom from lubricant. The NEP chain is characterized by high corrosion resistance and offers such a high strength, which is comparable to a chain made of carbon steel. It contains no pollutants and complies with the RoHS directive. Both chains are suitable, inter alia, for use in the food industry.

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