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iwisIwis Antriebssysteme GmbH & Co. KG provides rigid chains under the brands Iwis and Elite in front. These are unilaterally flexible chains for pushing loads and for bridging distances without a guide. The customer-specific chains can be found worldwide in applications such as medical technology, in transport systems, in building technology or in machine tools.

The chains are characterized by a compact design. They are suitable for transmitting compressive and tensile forces, whereby larger distances can be bridged without chain guides. Backless chains have a similar function as a linear drive, so no endless, circulating chain drive is needed. The side arch and back arch capability is individually adjustable. The chains can be realized in different chain sizes and for different drive concepts, whereby even large strokes are possible.

In its own research and development department, the manufacturer continuously brings in new research results on the factors influencing geometries and assembly steps on the technical properties of the chain. Services provided by the manufacturer include, but are not limited to, wear, fatigue strength and breaking strength analyzes. The quality is ensured by self-developed test methods and test equipment.

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