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Around driving element we present new products like Drive chains, belts, conveyor chains, gears, timing belts etc. with a long service life and strength - optimize your TCO costs!

Brand new drive elements

by Mayr Antriebstechnik, Tsubaki, Mädler among others

  • Logimat Hall 1, Stand A08; FMB South Stand C7 Habasit offers high-quality toothed belts from the Habasync series with practical mechanical end connections for quick changes. This means that the operating costs of conveyor lines can be reduced through short assembly and maintenance processes, such as when changing timing belts. Endless belts can alternatively be connected to mobile heating presses directly on site. This significantly reduces downtimes when changing a toothed belt.
  • Case Study A British car manufacturer had a problem with the maintenance of the conveyor chains that power its lanyards. This is used to transport the assembling car body components. The roller chain had to be replaced too often, otherwise it would have caused production to stop. The problem was solved by converting to a special conveyor chain from Tsubaki. To do this, only the TCO costs had to be put in the foreground instead of the purchase price.
  • Ligna Hall 25, Stand A34 Tsubaki presents a large selection of drive and conveyor chains that have a longer lifespan than comparable drive elements. The standard roller chain "GT4 Winner" is manufactured according to the BS / DIN standard and is extremely strong and easy to use. The low-maintenance "Lambda" chain in the sixth generation based on the GT4 Winner does not have to be relubricated.
  • Low weight, corrosion resistance, smooth running, minimal maintenance thanks to self-lubrication and last but not least a good price-performance ratio: Plastic gears offer numerous advantages compared to steel models. Norelem has now added numerous designs to its range, which can be used in various industrial areas thanks to the high-performance materials used.
  • FMB-Süd Hall 5, Stand D26Logimat Hall 1, Stand A08 The Habasync high-performance timing belts from Habasit offer a wide variety in shape, length, structure and surface, as well as low operating costs, thanks to durable materials and simple maintenance processes. The belt widths range from 10 to 600 mm and are thus the widest toothed belts currently available on the market with T10 or H divisions.
  • Hannover Messe Hall 24, Booth B35 Cover story In industry, the drive chain is often perceived as a machine element as a means to an end, while the more complex components surrounding it receive greater attention. And so designers often use inexpensive standard solutions and do not even question customer-specific development. Tsubaki offers quite worthwhile alternatives for special requirements.
  • With a regular check of the chain drives in systems, unexpected failures can be avoided by timely replacement of the roller chains installed in them. Tsubaki has expanded its range of chain wear gauges to include larger sizes for the maintenance of such chain drives. The new chain wear gauges were designed for BS sizes RS20B to RS48B and ANSI sizes RS100 to RS240.
  • Technical article The drive element "chain" is in principle a simple component. But if it fails, it can cause high costs due to an unplanned production downtime. Of course, regular inspections should ensure smooth operation. But it is even better if the quality of the chains does not require any maintenance at all. Thanks to its 100 years of know-how, Tsubaki offers numerous chain innovations that significantly reduce maintenance.
  • User report When it comes to poor service life, excessive wear and unreliability of drive chains, it is advisable to look outside the box and ask an alternative provider. In the present case, a Dutch steel mill was able to increase the productivity of its heat treatment in the long term. How? By replacing his failure-prone lifting chains with high-tech chains with a lifespan of up to 15 years.
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