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conveyor chainSuccess Story

A British one Automobile- Manufacturer had a problem servicing the conveyor chainsthat drives his lanyards. This is used to transport the assembling carBodySilo equipment. The Roller Chain had to be replaced too often, otherwise it would have caused production to stop. By converting to a special conveyor chain from Tsubaki the problem could be solved. Only they had to TCO instead of the purchase price.

In automotive assembly, the machines and systems used must run 24 hours a day all year round. Otherwise downtimes quickly cost thousands of euros a minute. Unfortunately, many managers still see the drive chain as a product and make their purchase decisions based on the price. You'd be better off throwing performance and quality into the balance.

Small conveyor chain with a big impact

In car body assembly, overhead conveyors often transport the car parts from one work station to the next. The conveyor systems driven by conveyor chains thus represent an important part of the material flow. If a conveyor chain fails here, a large part of the production line comes to a standstill over several process steps. Special chains offer a much longer lifespan than standard chains - especially when it comes to high-performance applications.

One of the largest British automotive assembly plants also had this problem. The chain built into the overhead conveyor had to be replaced every twelve months and serviced quarterly. To make sure, the conveyor chains were lubricated every three months. Still, she became stiff and stiff. Dust particles also caused contamination. This led to wear. The conveyor chain usually broke before the end of the twelve months.

Change to special conveyor chains recommended

conveyor chainThe operations manager had to change that and turned to the leading manufacturer of drive technology products, Tsubaki. The experts determined that the originally installed OE chain was not suitable for high-performance operation. So they suggested replacing the OE chain with a quality chain. In addition, the new conveyor chains should offer added value for the production line and result in lower total cost of ownership (TCO). The Tsubaki engineers then recommended switching to a maintenance-free, self-lubricating chain from the "Lambda" series. Manual lubrication was thus eliminated. This reduced maintenance costs and downtime.

Lifetime of the conveyor chain doubled

To further increase the life of the drive chain, the engineers developed a special cover plate that was attached to every second chain link above the pin. This reduced the contamination and protected the roller chain from wear. The rivets used to attach the cover plates were replaced by high-strength screws that are held in place with a safety adhesive.

After comparing the products and replacing the chains, the conveyor system usually works reliably for more than two years. This is more than twice the lifespan of the OE chain.

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More news about drive elements

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  • Logimat Hall 1, Stand A08; FMB South Stand C7 Habasit offers high-quality toothed belts from the Habasync series with practical mechanical end connections for quick changes. This means that the operating costs of conveyor lines can be reduced through short assembly and maintenance processes, such as when changing timing belts. Endless belts can alternatively be connected to mobile heating presses directly on site. This significantly reduces downtimes when changing a toothed belt.
  • Case Study A British car manufacturer had a problem with the maintenance of the conveyor chains that power its lanyards. This is used to transport the assembling car body components. The roller chain had to be replaced too often, otherwise it would have caused production to stop. The problem was solved by converting to a special conveyor chain from Tsubaki. To do this, only the TCO costs had to be put in the foreground instead of the purchase price.
  • KBK Antriebstechnik has developed the KBGK and KBGK-T articulated couplings that connect shafts and components with extremely little play and even compensate for high radial and angular misalignments. They are made from high-quality materials such as aluminum and steel, are torsionally rigid in the circumferential direction and give in to radial forces and angular deviations.
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  • SPS Hall 4, Booth 278 Mayr Drive Technology presents new versions of the "Roba-brake-checker" module, which can now also be used to monitor small brake sizes. This opens up new possibilities for brake monitoring - especially with spring-applied brakes in servomotors and for applications in robotics and automation.
  • EMO Hall 5, Stand D89 The "Simple-Flex" series from Jakob Antriebstechnik is a new type of spacer coupling that can be manufactured up to a length of 6 m and does not require additional intermediate storage. A sophisticated composite tube with a multi-layer, angle-specific fiber configuration enables a particularly simple design that does not require any coupling compensation elements at the tube ends.
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