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AtlantaAtlanta propulsion systems joins in ground racks the quality 7 and 8 a gap in the portfolio of quality racks. These are the world's first bridge between Ulta High Precision Class with quality 4 and 5 as well as the Basic Class with quality 9 and 10. The new quality classes, with their ground teeth, enable the realization of energy-efficient rack and pinion drives by reducing friction losses even in precision classes in which this has not been possible since then.

Matching the complete servo gear family, the manufacturer now also offers the complete rack family. This makes it possible to offer individual rack-and-pinion drive systems that are tailored precisely to the respective requirement, from the gearbox via pinion / pinion shafts to the rack, all from one source.

The following rack types are offered:

UHPC = Ultra-High Precision Class: Quality 4, Quality 5

HPC = High Precision Class: Quality 6, Quality 7

PC = Precision Class: Quality 8

BC = Basic Class: Quality 9, quality 10

and the matching servo transmission family:

HT = high-torque servo worm gear: highest torque, <1 arcmin

HP = high-performance servo worm gear: very high torque, <2 arcmin

E = Economy servo worm gear: very high torque, <6 arcmin

B = Basic servo worm gear: high torque, <12 arcmin

BG = bevel gear servo gear: highest torque, <6 arcmin

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