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Gerhard Kocherscheidt

Managing Director of Koco Motion GmbH, Dauchingen

"Now that we have in another ten years continuously expanded our global network, I see twice as strong skilled workforce."

The manufacturer and distributor of electrical drives and motion control products Koco Motion is 10 years old. Just as many employees as annual support the customers with competent advice and reliable service for thousands of stepper motors combinations. This may also include highly integrated ever, be programmable and networkable. Gerhard Kocherscheidt looks at his decade with the electric drive technology.

development scout: Ten years Koco Motion: How quickly the time has gone and what events have taken an affect?

Kocherscheidt: Since the registration of our company on 10. December 2001 the time went by quickly. At that time, we have the foundation of the IMS European headquarters started almost at 'zero'. A year later we were able to set up our production for DC-Motors and another year later we were already abroad: In Tunisia, we established the Koco Industries SrAl for assembly of subassemblies. After half a year of the move 2006 Schwenningen was after Dauchingen in our own premises. Our name change to 2008 of IMS Europe GmbH in Koco Motion GmbH was simultaneously associated with a significant portfolio expansion and distribution structure with other companies from the Far East. 2011 Just recently we have expanded our global distribution again with a new office in California, and the establishment of a branch in China.

development scout: As is Koco Motion fared economically in the anniversary year 2011?

Kocherscheidt: We are only now 2012 anniversary year since. After 10 December no longer remain so many days left to celebrate the anniversary. 2011 the last year we were able to conclude a satisfactory growth rate of 14 percent. At this scale we see ourselves in 2012.

development scout: What trends do you see for the next few years in the electric drive technology?

Kocherscheidt: Just as we continue to be all the companies that are active in our area that offer highly integrated propulsion systems in the different types of construction. They are more and more integrated into a network and provided with adequate distributed intelligence. In order to build energy-efficient systems and finally automatically.

development scout: Do you have a personal favorite product?

Kocherscheidt: I'm 37 years ago boarded the DC motors and their ironless rotors in the drive technology. Even today, I am thrilled with their linear behavior at high efficiencies. But now of course I like all of our products.

development scout: They serve many industries with their products, which markets would you like to open for?

Kocherscheidt: I can think of at the moment no one industry where we had not been represented by our products, or at least just working on new projects.

development scout: Which start-ups do you have? After U.S. and China last year still on your global 'to-do' list

Kocherscheidt: India offers us yet to be a growth market. Corresponding good contacts we already have. We will see.

development scout: Where do you see Koco Motion in another ten years?

Kocherscheidt: Now that we have until then continuously expanded our global network, I see twice as strong skilled workforce, which we will advise our customers as it is today equally qualified and operate.

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