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mayrInterview with

Günther Klingler,

Manager restaurant Mayr GmbH + Co. KG, Mauerstetten:

"We've been picking up speed on 2010 right from the start and are just coming to 2008's results."

From transmissions for sawmills and mills to modern drive elements: Since 1897, the product range has been developed by Mayr Antriebstechnik. It comes as no surprise that the clutch and brake specialist from the Allgäu region holds numerous patents, one of which was freedom of play. development scout spoke to Günther Klingler, who takes the zero game at face value.

development scout: How is Mayr economical these days, Mr. Klingler?

Klingler: Since the beginning, we have been picking up speed on 2010 and are just starting to get used to the result of 2008. That exceeds all our expectations. So we are almost back to the "stop" today. We lift employees' hourly accounts, bridge bottlenecks with temporary workers at short notice, hire new employees and invest in our machinery.

development scout: They are known as market leaders for safety clutches, elevator and stage brakes as well as shaft couplings. How big is your lead over the competition?

Klingler: In the area of ​​safety couplings, we see ourselves at the forefront. In the elevator and stage brakes there is still a noteworthy competitor. The other market participants have a clear distance. With shaft couplings, we see ourselves more as a competence leader, especially in the breadth of the application and for customer-specific applications. But here we are not the leader in quantity.

development scout: Which product group would you like to be the next in this market position?

Klingler: Unfortunately you have to wait for an answer until the next Hannover Messe. There we will present some things in this regard. Only so much: Trend topics such as energy efficiency and safety will play a role here.

development scout: What's new about your portfolio?

Klingler: Brand new is the entry into the sealing technology with hysteresis clutches. The technically very high-quality "Roba-capping head" capping heads, which are preferably used in bottling plants, are based on the patented "Roba-contitorque" hysteresis coupling, which has been around for almost ten years. This coupling is the ideal base element due to its high torque accuracy and very precise adjustability. Permanent magnetic clutches according to the hysteresis principle limit the torque precisely and with repeat accuracy to the set value with about ± 2 percent tolerance. This allows the bottles to be closed very precisely, reliably, cleanly and airtight. The capping plant thus achieves one hundred percent output. A comparable level of quality in terms of Verschließgüte reach alternatively only costly, servo-motor driven Verschließköpfe. Increasing operational safety and system reliability through the use of our products is another topic that we are driving forward. Here, for example, we can help machine builders to comply with the new EN 13849-1 safety standard.

development scout: What exactly does "backlash-free" in practice mean for your eponymous products?

Klingler: You have to distinguish between torsional backlash and torsional rigidity. Both are undesirable or even harmful in dynamic, reversing drives. Backlash is actually zero play for us. When changing the direction of rotation, the individual torque-transmitting components must not twist each other even in the μm range. We achieve this zero clearance in our safety and shaft couplings by appropriate design of the torque transmission unit or non-positive connections. In contrast to the game, elastic twisting can not be completely avoided. A good backlash-free coupling, as we know it, has zero clearance and stiffness to keep it rigid under load.

development scout: One and a half years ago you were surprised by the unexpected interest of the visitors at the presentation of their EAS sensor for the Hannover Messe. What has become of it?

Klingler: Just as it looked at the time that we could reach a market penetration in a timely manner, the business did not develop. Due to the great interest, however, we have taken up numerous market stimuli, which we are currently implementing in the development. Here we will show results in the near future.

development scout: Mayr holds numerous worldwide patents. Which is your personal favorite?

Klingler: At the moment this is the vertical axis brake "Topstop". This security element can also be integrated into existing structures very easily. The Topstop is an additional safety brake that can be placed between the servo drive and the gearbox or spindle drive; It is easily adaptable to the most popular servomotors, gearboxes and spindles. By integrating a second or third brake, a higher level of security can be achieved. The topstop sits directly on the output point - this is the patent protection. During maintenance work on the system, the servo motor can be removed without the axis sinking. In conjunction with the appropriate control mechanisms safe operation and movement of persons are possible even under load.

development scout: You are working for the wind energy industry. Which products do you offer for this?

Klingler: We manufacture pitch and azimuth brakes, which are usually installed by the drive specialists in the complete powertrain before they are used by the plant manufacturer. For brakes, we are not the classic standard brake manufacturer, but have always focused on high-quality products in special sectors and niches. It may not be as well known, but we have been working for this industry since the beginning of the technology of wind power. Therefore, we have a lot of experience here, be it in corrosion protection grades, friction lining technology or in the mounted constructions. In addition, we offer shaft couplings with overload protection, but with which we move more in the medium power range to 3 MW systems. Currently we are watching the market in the upper performance range.

development scout: They have manufacturing plants in China and in Poland. How satisfied are you with the results of these companies?

Klingler: We have expanded our international presence in these two production plants. Poland is now a very efficient international production site and is growing in a similar way to the location here in Mauerstetten. In China, we see ourselves more and more as the local paver for the Chinese market. We focus on selected customers and products with a focus on the elevator, wind and machine tools sectors. The clear strategy here is "mayr-China should produce for China". Key components remain in Germany.

development scout: The Chinese are catching up, technologically too. Do Europeans have a chance in China in the long term?

Klingler: In my opinion, Chinese development is comparable to the development of any other emerging industrial nation. The current competitive structures are changing, the Chinese companies will also catch up technologically. The associated growth will also lead to an alignment of wages and material costs in China. The market situation will be the same for everyone. This will allow companies that produce locally to be competitive. To be sustainably successful, we strive to always be ahead of the famous required nose length; although you have to be everywhere - even in Germany. In the Asian region, about 30 million new consumers are entering the market each year. One should not ignore this. Without Asia, European companies could no longer generate their growth in the known order of magnitude.

development scout: How many white spots on the map does Mayr currently occupy and with what?

Klingler: We will step up our activities in areas where we are not yet well positioned. These are in principle the BRIC states, especially India and Brazil. In the long run, we will introduce ourselves to other mayr subsidiaries.

development scout: Which innovations will you present at SPS / IPC / Drives?

Klingler: The topic 'safety and reliability' will be a major focus. For the already mentioned Roba-Topstop we will present product extensions with two new sizes for the upper and lower range. As an alternative to the rotary brake, we are presenting for the first time a linear brake that can brake dynamically and should not be confused with the known brake and clamping units. In the endurance test 30.000 it has reached dynamic braking with maximum load without any problems and thus exceeds the test principle of the professional associations, which demands 1000 braking. Also the already mentioned hysteresis clutches Roba-capping head is fair topic. In addition, we round off our servo portfolio with the plug-in metal bellows coupling "Primeflex". With the Roba-Multiswitch we show that by intelligently controlling safety brakes energy savings of up to 75 percent are possible.

Interview by Editor in Chief Angela Scheufler.

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