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Metals, sheets and steels for industrial goods production

laserhub0118FMB 5 Hall, Booth A29

The supply chain of the mechanical engineering industry should not falter even in times of strong demand. For example, sheet metal parts must be always available quickly, reliably, in high quality and at acceptable cost. This task is the focus of the startup Laserhub.

tanaka0417Tanaka Precious Metals shows exhibits explaining the relationship between precious metals and the automotive industry using the example of a future hydrogen infrastructure. In addition, they present the connection between precious metals and consumer electronics using the example of smartphones.

speed3d0417Speed3D, Supplier of the world's first 3D printer with SP3D technology (Supersonic 3D Deposition), announces the worldwide availability of its 3D industrial printers. Specially designed for scalable, just-in-time production, the "Speed3D" printers print metal parts in minutes. Comparable industrial printers so far require several hours or even days for it.

schmolz0317Steeltec is now offering high-alloy steel users a solution that combines high performance with price stability. The subsidiary of the Schmolz + Bickenbach Group applies its "Xtreme Performance" Technology (XTP) to precipitation hardening ferritic-perlitic (AFP) steels. The resulting fine grain strength increases the impact strength at room temperature by more than 50% up to 150 J with a high strength.

tata0217In collaboration with a leading chemical manufacturer Tata Steel The Prime Lubrication Treatment (PLT). PLT is an additive lubricant that is applied as a thin organic coating in the hot-dip galvanizing process prior to the conventional oil layer. The combination of PLT and oil ensures excellent lubrication and thus also less and even friction in the press.

schmolz0217Direct flow control of hot gases and vapors up to 850 ¬į C - the austenitic stainless steel 1.4550 / 347H offers the solution for many manufacturers of components for the process industry. To meet the growing demand has Ugitech From the Schmolz + Bickenbach Group expanded its broad stainless steel portfolio by the UGI 4550 and is therefore one of only three suppliers in Europe.

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