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Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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Ultra thin glass for industry

schott0812Is the ultra-thin glass from Schott are available in different versions for applications such as in image sensors of cell phone cameras, with pressure sensors in the automobile industry, as a display windshields of touch panels in navigation devices or glass components in DVD players and CD players. One of the newly developed products "MEM Pax" is.

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More sensitive sensors thanks to ceramic wall thicknesses of 0,25 mm

sembach0512Sensor + Test hall 12, 444 Stand

Sembach succeeded recently move to the limits of technical feasibility significantly by ceramic components with wall thicknesses of 0,25 mm for series production brought. Find the actual application thin alumina components already in the area of ​​the exhaust gas temperature measurement. The small wall thickness has the distinct advantage that the built-in sensors provide faster response times.

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Mechanically machinable ceramic semis

KagerWhen designers and engineers with metals and plastics, not quite come on, they often resort to technical ceramic materials. Especially for use in prototyping and small series production, the trading house Kager has therefore different ceramic semis in the program. Outstanding here is the alumina 9600. It is temperature resistant to 1700 ° C and can be worked mechanically. Modern ceramic materials, for example for use in welding, power station or isolation technology offer high melting points, thermodynamic stability and low thermal conductivity.

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Products made of ceramic as an alternative to standard parts made of steel and iron


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kollenberg, CEO of Werstoffzentrum Rheinbach GmbH, Rheinbach

High-temperature applications are regarded as preferred field of ceramic materials. As an alternative to steel and iron oxide ceramics in particular but increasingly also arouse the interest of engineers in general mechanical engineering. With the low-pressure injection molding, and the mechanical processing is the Material Rheinbach WZR two ways for the economical production of small series of ceramic components before.

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Extruded Alunitkeramik standard

CeramTecThe Ceramtec succeeded extrude the most thermally conductive aluminum nitride ceramic standard. The process is worldwide unprecedented and allows rod-shaped bodies and tube systems made of ceramic with a thermal conductivity of ≥ 170W / mK, high mechanical stability and dielectric strength. With the start of production in addition to the technical reproducibility an efficient manufacturing process and high-volume has been reached.

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Wear resistant ceramic mold inserts of erodible

leonardtechnical articles

The company OxiMaTec and Leonhardt Graveurbetrieb have now succeeded in close cooperation with the Institute for Manufacturing Technologies of Ceramic Components, University of Stuttgart, produce an erodible ceramic without loss of strength and toughness. So can now even in critical areas such as the sprue in injection molding of glass fiber reinforced polymers have a long service life of the mold inserts.

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