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Ceramic and glass materials for industrial use

lpkf0519Current foldable displays are made of plastics and therefore prone to scratches, wrinkles and early total failure. Conventional smartphone displays do not have these problems because they are made up of at least two layers of partially tempered glass. Due to the glass, these displays can not be easily folded. LPKF presents with the "Lide "technology a solution to this problem.

hpminerals0918Fakuma Hall B 4, Stand 4404

HPF The Mineral Engineers introduces the masterbatch "Acrysmart" for acrylic glass, which changes its permeability to light and solar radiation as a function of the ambient temperature. In addition, new developments in the field of mineral high-performance fillers are shown.

woehr0418Customized technical glasses installed in individual touch input systems including mechanical processing, surface engineering and design services are now offered by Richard W├Âhr in 5, 10 or 15 working days. The already functioning for decades Eildienstservice The system supplier forms the basis of the extension of this offer.


Thomas Nether, Managing Director, Lasermicronics GmbH, Garbsen

Since April 2017 we set the Laser Induced Deep Etching (LIDE) technology for micromachining of glass. The process developed by LPKF was developed especially for the processing of thinnest glass substrates. Glass up to 500 ╬╝m Thickness can be machined with this technology.

Kager0217If the demands on the thermal and chemical resistance of components are increasing, many designers and developers are looking for solutions in the field of ceramic materials. Kager Offers its assortment of solid ceramic semi-finished products for such cases. The high-purity aluminum silicate type 9020 is a real long-term fuel in the company's program.

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Motek Hall 8, 8400 Stand

presented for the glass industry Optris that Infrared camera "640 G7". Through their 7,9 micron filter, it is suitable for the measurement of glass and has the VGA resolution more applications. The Software "PI Connect" enables use as a line camera, which is fundamental in the temperature control of the glass tapes and discs.

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