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klueber1218Kl√ľber Lubrication presents new water-miscible Bonded coatings without combustible solvents for life-time dry lubrication and for special applications with pre-start lubrication. In addition to the well-known advantages of dry lubrication, the new product line offers significant glide improvement and increased O-ring tightness due to reduced gas and liquid permeability.

rampf1218With new materials and optimized manufacturing and processing processes Rampf Machine Systems new standards in the molding of mineral cast frames. The 4 m impression length achieves flatness and straightness of 0,02 mm.

dreckshage1118Dirt Shock offers now stainless austenitic steel 1.4404 as bearing material. Due to advances in the production of stainless steels, especially the lowering of the carbon content to very low levels, 1.4404 has replaced almost all 1.4571 titanised grades.

igus1118So that the user can use even more tribologically optimized special solutions, leads Igus now five wear and abrasion resistant high performance plastics as Semi-finished panel strips Releases. These allow the designer new geometric design freedom.

Jihed Marzouki, Junior Key Technology Manager Electro Casting Resins, Rampf Polymer Solutions GmbH & Co. KG, Grafenberg, to the fair highlight of tailor-made Electro.

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poeppelmann1018The problem of marine pollution has sparked a critical discussion about plastic as a material. Nevertheless, Pöppelmann sees plastic as the material of the future and uses recycled materials. With the new strategic initiative Pöppelmann blue The plastics specialist now bundles all activities throughout the company that enable a continuous cycle economy through optimized recycling.

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