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Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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Riveting for the discerning lightweight in the automotive industry

boellhoff0415The lightweight construction in the automotive industry calls for appropriate connection technologies like the Stanzniettechnologie. This can be fixed and die side high gas and liquid tight interconnected different materials in a single operation without Vorlochoperation. The Böllhoff Group has now with the new "RIVSET HDX"Forward-punch riveting.

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Simulate behavior of rivets in the crash test

Fraunhofer V0314Steel, aluminum, magnesium, fiber reinforced plastics - cars meanwhile consist of numerous materials. This must be reliably connected to each other. The risk of injury to the occupants may not exceed even if they come loose joints in a crash. How much stress they endure, had so far only vaguely predict. An advanced model of Fraunhofer now provides realistic predictions.

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Energy-and resource-efficient clinching thicker sheets

tox10214cover story

The thick sheetClinching the metal processing company offers new possibilities regarding performance rational interpretation, construction, manufacturing parts and complete assembly of sheet metal assemblies. An important part in a project realized by the Fraunhofer IWU takes Tox Pressotechnik with its patented, universally applicable round-point method. It combines flexible metallic materials up to total thicknesses of 18 mm.

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300 percent better strength values ​​when Heißnietverfahren

bdtronic09131Bond Expo Hall 7 stand 7325

Bdtronic has to share with a renowned manufacturer of engineering plastics and the TU Chemnitz a basic research Heißnietverfahren carried out with the aim of coming in electronics materials for use PBT and PA66 to find the optimal values ​​for caulking process, temperature range, Nietdomgeometrie, stamp shape and heating time. With the BHS method for the first time it was possible due to the accurate temperature measurement and control, exactly reproduce the process and the relevant data and thus derive reproducible process window.

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Blind rivet technology in modular system for individual applications

gesipa0913Motek Hall 5, 5306 Stand

Riveting processes for mass production in industrial production can be automated relatively simple and inexpensive in relation to the economic benefits. Whether workers out, robot or out of plant, GESIPA Blindnietautomaten are flexible and can be used virtually anywhere. Due to the design as modular principle and a range of applications to 2,4 8,0 mm in diameter, are the Blindnietautomaten on customized requirement configurable.

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Set of functional elements added metal joining process

toxtechnical articles

The challenges with respect to the resource-saving and energy-efficient, lightweight vehicles and equipment affect both the development and use of new materials and especially the joining and connection technology, The new method "set of functional elements" by Tox complements previously established round-point method and is a completely different type of technology application.

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