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telsonic0918Fakuma Hall A4, Booth 4112

Telsonic introduces the new control software "Telsoflex" with new 12 "touch panel for ultrasonic welding and separating welding, which makes the ultrasonic systems of the USP and TSP series fit for the 4.0 industry.

fronius30418cover story

Fronius has the CMT welding process recently brought to the company's most advanced welding power source, the TPS / i. With the second generation of the cold arc, robot-assisted welding is possible in many applications with previously unattained quality, simplicity and process reliability. Because of these advantages, the steel producer and automotive supplier Voestalpine has decided to use the advanced CMT technology in series production as the first user.

froehlich0118To be able to do welding jobs even more efficiently cheerfully developed a user-friendly corner seam welding machine for single parts and small batches that requires minimal set-up time. The SAX700 does not require complex clamping devices and can weld corner seams with various angles up to a length of 700 mm cleanly and quickly.

telsonic20417Success Story

In order to connect the plastic components of the opening mechanism with the aluminum of the lid on the resealable lids for the beverage cans developed by Xolution, it was necessary to find a joining method that works fast and precisely and enables short cycle times for high throughput rates. After extensive testing, the choice fell on Ultrasonic welding systems from Telsonic.

buerkert0317Spot welding robots are sometimes used in a highly automated production facility in the automotive industry and their suppliers. For smooth welding processes plays the optimal Cooling the welding caps a decisive role. For this purpose, B├╝rkert has developed a compact, ready-to-connect system solution, which guarantees a flexible control of the amount of cooling water that is required as required, thereby reducing operating costs.

fronius0317Welding + Cutting Hall 10, Booth F22 / H22

Fronius Shows digitalization solutions for welding, such as the data management system "Weldcube", with which welding data can be collected and analyzed. In addition, there is the laser hybrid process, which combines the advantages of laser and MIG and can now also be used with the intelligent TPS / i platform.

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