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Adhesive technology for material-saving joining in assembly

pepperl07195Success Story

For the detection of adhesive spots in the packaging has Pepperl + Fuchs Sensors in the portfolio that reliably ensure a continuous packaging process. The Ultrasonic sensors Monitor stacking height independent of color, shape and surface - and maintenance-free. Learning the sensors is super easy.

Delo has one Light fixation for two-component epoxy resins presented. With this hybrid chemistry, users benefit from accelerated and less complex manufacturing processes as well as simplified logistics without sacrificing strength or durability.

The spray dispenser "Preeflow Eco-Spray" from Viscotec convinced in the Glob Top spray test: sprayed is a filled Glob-Top material from Delo, the adhesive "Monopox GE6515". In this application, the spray application replaces needle dispensing and offers advantages such as material and time savings. Glob Top Potting is used, for example, in the electronics industry to protect sensitive components such as semiconductor chips from mechanical stress or external influences.

delo0219Delo has developed a potting compound that has very high media and temperature resistance. In addition, "Monopox GE6515 "through an optimized curing time for an acceleration of manufacturing processes. The product is particularly suitable for the encapsulation of electronic components for automotive applications.

Delo's highly viscous and stable, UV- and light-cured acrylic adhesive "Photobond SL1", which acts as a sealant in industrial manufacturing, can be used for "cured-in-place gasket" and "formed-in-place gasket" processes become. In order to ensure the density of the dosing bead, the material must be applied precisely and repeatably. With the dispensers from Viscotec that is easily possible.

delo1218With the new flame-retardant Structural adhesive "Duopox AB8162 "Delo ensures faster processes in the production of commercial aircraft. The two-component epoxy resin adhesive was specially developed for lightweight structural joints in aircraft interiors. Here one paid attention to a fast strength structure.

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