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The spray dispenser "Preeflow Eco-Spray" from Viscotec convinced in the Glob Top spray test: sprayed is a filled Glob-Top material from Delo, the adhesive "Monopox GE6515". In this application, the spray application replaces needle dispensing and offers advantages such as material and time savings. Glob Top Potting is used, for example, in the electronics industry to protect sensitive components such as semiconductor chips from mechanical stress or external influences.

With her mechanical Velcro "Klettwelding"Nanowired presents a globally unique process for fast, durable and environmentally friendly connectivity for electronics manufacturing - reason enough for the jury experts at the Hermes Awards to select this novelty for the award presented at the Hannover Messe.

Kipp0319Hannover Messe Hall 3, booth M43

Heinrich Kipp Werk expands its portfolio in the area Locking, These prevent a change in the locking position by lateral forces. The fastening and the loosening of the bolts are done manually or more recently also via a pneumatic control - a further development especially for automation.

delo0219Delo has developed a potting compound that has very high media and temperature resistance. In addition, "Monopox GE6515 "through an optimized curing time for an acceleration of manufacturing processes. The product is particularly suitable for the encapsulation of electronic components for automotive applications.

bormann0219Bormann + Neupert and + HCL Fasteners introduce their "Herbie Clips" nylon straps and "Smart Band" nylon straps, as well as other binding systems. Plastic fastening solutions offer several advantages.


The Plastic welding machines from KLN offer solutions for practically all common plastic joining techniques. The focus is on ultrasonic, vibration, heating element, infrared and spin welding. Added to this are laser welding and thermal processes such as hot air and hot riveting.

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The measuring technology fair in Nuremberg: 25. to 27. June 2019
That was the international trade fair for quality assurance in Stuttgart: 07. to 10. May 2019
This was the world's most important industrial fair in Hanover: 1. to 5. April 2019

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