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Delo's highly viscous and stable, UV- and light-cured acrylic adhesive "Photobond SL1", which acts as a sealant in industrial manufacturing, can be used for "cured-in-place gasket" and "formed-in-place gasket" processes become. In order to ensure the density of the dosing bead, the material must be applied precisely and repeatably. With the dispensers from Viscotec that is easily possible.

delo1218With the new flame-retardant Structural adhesive "Duopox AB8162 "Delo ensures faster processes in the production of commercial aircraft. The two-component epoxy resin adhesive was specially developed for lightweight structural joints in aircraft interiors. Here one paid attention to a fast strength structure.

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The construction of assemblies made of fiber composite components follows its own rules. The key factor here is, among other things, the design of high-precision joints, which allows for the later assembly a strain-free assembly of lightweight components made of glass or carbon fibers. The peelable PET fitting elements are tailor-made for this task Product line "M-Tech L" from Martin.

viscotec1118With the viscosity-independent dispensers of ViscotecAll of them on the Endless piston principle High-viscosity materials can be reliably and precisely dosed. They offer a shear-sensitive and high-precision material handling.

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Markus Kluge, Technical Director, Dr. Erich Tretter GmbH + CoRechberghausen

Tolerance sleeves can be used as non-positive fasteners versatile, and once created connections can be solved in contrast to pressing or gluing again. This also applies to the torque transmission - very different than, for example, in the wedge and Press fit.

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Telsonic introduces the new control software "Telsoflex" with new 12 "touch panel for ultrasonic welding and separating welding, which makes the ultrasonic systems of the USP and TSP series fit for the 4.0 industry.

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