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kisssoft0416The relative position of the pinion and ring gear is crucial in bevel gears for the contact pattern position. For the determination of Bevel relocations can the shifts of the waves are recorded directly by the wave files are linked to the bevel gear contact analysis in KISSsoft Release 03 / 2016.

VHJ the displacement values ‚Äč‚Äčare defined from the respective proportions of the two shafts of the pinion and ring gear and in the contact bill taken into account (module ZC30).

The edge micro-geometry is dependent upon bevel gears from the used toothing procedures. Using topological modifications, the topology of an existing bevel gear can be accurately transferred to KISSsoft (module ZC13) and the runnability of the bevel gears are tested in the bevel gear contact analysis. Other applications include the creation of 3D models for the 5-axis milling process or for external FE studies.
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