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skf0119FMB South Hall 5, Stand C13

As part of their cooperation, SKF and KIsssoft have one new interface This simplifies the development of gearboxes, enabling engineers to select bearings suitable for their machine design based on state-of-the-art bearing technology.

maedler0318Mädler offers a comfortable online Calculation program for the design and ordering of timing belt drives. This free program can be started without login and contains the common types and sizes. Axial distance, necessary belt length and width as well as safety factor for the power transmission are calculated.

Tatasteel0318Tube Hall 4, booth F03

Tata Steel introduces two new, easy-to-use online tools for its structural steel sections: the new DNA Profiler and the Blue Book. With the free and web-based DNA Profiler, suitable products can be quickly selected as 3D and BIM models (Building Information Modeling).

kisssoft0318Hannover Messe Hall 22, Stand A64

A new graphic shows in the current KISSsoft Release the stresses in the material below the contact surface in rolling bearing rings and rolling elements. The course of the voltages and their maximum values ‚Äč‚Äčare shown. This information is of particular interest in large rolling bearings, where the bearing rings are usually case hardened and the hardness depth is to be determined based on the loads.

ace0118Interested parties can now visit the homepage of ACE Shock calculate and design the customized gas spring for your application. With the easy to use Online calculation software From now on, the most common applications of gas springs can be calculated in less than a minute.

gwj0118GWJ Technology introduces an updated version of the web-based Calculation software "eAssistant" ready. Clicking on "New" closes the current calculation and opens the calculation module with the internal eAssistant standard template or with the user's own default template.

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