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autoform0712AutoForm provides the latest version "AutoForm plus R4" before. This release is the result of the largest project to date in the software development of the company. The development follows the vision of a system of holistic digital process planning. It allows users to quantify all aspects of planning the sheet metal part, such as function, quality, cycle time and costs, and evaluate.

The state-of the art user interface has a completely fresh look. It supports the user ergonomics and integrated digital planning process and is a native Windows application. The version offers complete, step by step functionality to ensure a consistent and repeatable workflow throughout the entire process chain of metal forming.

AutoForm plus R4 allows a quantitative analysis of the component costs, as can be determined, the financial cost of materials, tools and production at any point in the planning process. Furthermore, simulation results can be interpreted faster and easier than before. The semi-automated identification of known issues will facilitate and expedite the detection of possible Umformproblemen, their type and location. Moreover, "AutoForm-Sigma" incorporated into the software. This allows the engineers to solve forming problems systematically and to improve the forming process. For projects that are developed with the software and simulated can easily create a report that is now integrated into the car shape design file. AutoForm plus R4 there from autumn 2012.

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