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Temperature measurement with thermal imaging and infrared technology

jumo0519Sensor + Test Halle1, Stand 258

The "Dicotemp 100" is a smart fitting from Jumo, with which a diverse temperature measurement with a thermostat or dial thermometer and a platinum chip temperature sensor can be realized at only one measuring point. A transmitter converts the resistance signal into an analog or digital signal.

optris0419Control Hall 4, 4423 Stand

The Infrared cameras of the "Compact Line" Xi 80 and Xi 400 from Optris have been supplemented with new industrial accessories for use in extreme conditions. The system has a modular design so that the water cooling housing, the air purge attachment and the shutter can be used individually and in combination.

Fluke0319SMT connect hall 4, booth 118

Fluke Process Instruments presents its new Datalogger "Datapaq DP5"For in-line temperature monitoring in reflow soldering processes. Following the product launch at the previous year's event, series production is now running. The loggers are available with a variety of accessories and build on the established system "Datapaq Reflow Tracker", which also includes a specialized analysis software.

michell0119Michell Instruments presents an update of the QMA601 process moisture analyzer for use in processes of continuous catalytic reforming processes for regeneration (CCR). With fast response time and stable measurement results, it provides precise moisture monitoring over extended periods of time with minimal maintenance.

optris11181SPS IPC Drives Hall 4A, Booth 126

Optris has 2014 and 2016 with the PI 450 G7 and PI 640 G7 two special infrared cameras for the glass industry launched on the market. In order to meet the industry-specific requirements, a Laminar Airpurge was developed in addition to the robust Cooling Jacket. The first well-known customers use the system for 24 / 7 line scanning applications.

optris11118Electronica Hall A3, Booth 553

Optris brings another infrared camera of the new series "Compact Line" on the market. The Infrared camera "Xi 400"Was with one Microscope optics and a stand adapted to the needs of the electronics industry.

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