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Testing technology for quality assurance in production

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Industrial computed tomography (CT) has long been established as the standard method of non-destructive material testing. Thanks to the ability to precisely analyze, inspect and measure complex internal and external features, CT continues to grow in popularity. The process offers particularly valuable information if the test object can be examined under realistic operating conditions, as it is Diondo realized with the "in situ CT".

tsubaki0118Tsubaki offers new chain wear gauges for the maintenance of chain drives, which make it easier to check the roller chains installed in them. With them you can measure the condition of the chains and determine their degree of wear.

gossen0417Gossen Metrawatt presented its newly developed test software "Izytron.IQ" at SPS IPC Drives. With it, the entire testing process can be mapped across devices, managed and documented audit-proof. This gives users an insight into the user-friendly installation and management of test structures for the integral acquisition and processing of measurement data from various test devices such as the Secutest Pro, Profitest Prime and Metrahit IM Xtra.

menzel0417Menzel electric motors maintains a state-of-the-art in Berlin Test bench for manufacturer-independent engine tests up to 13,8 kV, which can also be leased for external engine tests up to 1800 kW under load and up to 10.000 kW during idling. There are only a few group-independent providers of comparable services in Germany.

neupro0317Only 6 s takes the test cycle for a component in which several measured values ÔÇőÔÇőare detected visually, electrically and mechanically. The gripper then removes the test part and starts with the next test cycle. The test handler from Neupro Solutions with extremely high precision, availability and flexibility. Various electronic components are tested for the automotive industry.

zwick0317Modern pipelines are increasingly made of thermoplastics such as polyethylene. These materials are exposed to extreme environmental influences and cyclical mechanical loads at their application site. In order to be able to predict the life of such materials as precisely as possible and thus to avoid expensive repairs in the field Zwick Roell the LTM testing machine.

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