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Testing technology for quality assurance in production

weisstechnik1119Productronica Hall A2, Stand 239.

White technique has developed an alternative to R69 with the refrigerant WT23, which has a reduced 90% GWP value. Now WT69 has been certified as a class A1 / A1 refrigerant. With the certification, the association ASHRAE confirms that WT69 is non-flammable and non-toxic even in case of leakage. The new refrigerant WT69 / R-469A has been designed to provide a significantly GWP-reduced alternative for R23 in cryogenic applications.

olympus1019Olympus presents with the RFA handheld analyzer "Vanta element"A model from its Vanta series that is robust and easy to use. The operation of this only 1320 g light device is particularly easy to learn. It is suitable for fast routine analysis at high throughputs. B. in scrap metal recycling or in metalworking.

Inficon0919Motek Hall 3, 3321 Stand

Inficon shows how components can be waterproofed according to protection class IP67. For example, the IP67 degree of protection plays a decisive role in the manufacture of housings for modern drive batteries in the automotive industry. The ingress of water and the associated short circuits and fires must be avoided at all costs.

Denmark-based Belden Cekan produces connectors for IT installations in office buildings, hotels and stadiums. For complex parts, quality control is achieved using a CT method: Belden Cekan relies on the Danish measurement specialist Zebicon to measure, validate and document its products. This uses the measuring system to perform the component analysis GOM CT, an industrial computer tomograph that enables nondestructive testing of part geometries, including internal structures and hidden geometries.

schneider0519Control Hall 5, 5501 Stand

Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik provides the Profile projector PV 360 in front. The table version can compare or measure. The precise devices have a long life. Whether 2-axis digital display or M2 measuring and evaluation software, with or without edge sensor: All variants are already fully operational and intuitive to use without any additional accessories.

Foerster0419Control Hall 6, 6305 Stand

To make the crack test even easier and more intuitive Foerster has the Tester "Statograph"Further developed and thus the crack inspection prepared for the challenges of the integration into the digitization of production environments: The test instruments Statograph CM + / CM also offer an intuitive operating structure.

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