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Measurement technology for the acquisition of mechanical quantities

Beck1218With the adjustable differential pressure switch 908, Beck pressure control technology offers a robust solution for sanitary and heating systems as well as general process engineering. The pressure switch is suitable for operating pressures up to 10 bar (bursting pressure> 20 bar); the switching pressure can be adjusted by adjusting screw on site as needed.

amsys1018Electronica Hall B3, Booth 317

Presented with the flexible Soic sensors AMSYS a new category of automated populated pressure sensors. Out-of-the-box thanks to factory calibration, they offer impressive performance for all types of print (differential, relative and absolute).

jumo0718By "Jumo Ceros S01 M "digitalization has arrived in pressure measurement. The pressure sensor with integrated signal conditioning is an active component that provides a temperature compensated and calibrated digital / analogue output for pressure and temperature readings. Its compact design makes it particularly suitable for critical installation situations.

minebea05181After more than ten years of cooperation with the Flemish Government (Vlaamse regering) Minebea Intec Belgium is now tasked with the renewal of all 40 axle weighing systems on Belgian motorways. The work should be carried out within a tight timeframe of two years.

buehler0418Control Hall 5, 5135 Stand

Buehler offers a new generation of Rockwell, Knoop, Vickers, Brinell and Universal brands under the Wilson brand name.hardness testers, At the fair, the company will be presenting the new models VH3100, VH3300, VH1202 and VH1150. In addition, the company has developed the hardness testing software "Diamet" as well as a variety of certified hardness reference plates.

rheintacho0418Rheintacho FC and FE speed sensors have been tried and tested for many years in hard everyday use. Nevertheless, in the context of a customer project, the demand for a test that has not yet been carried out in this form came up. The user had extreme demands on the stability of the components due to his experience from the practical application of his devices and the potential for interference when using electronic components - in the specific case of the speed sensor against temperature change.

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