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Measurement technology for the detection of dimensions

schneider0719EMO Hall 6 stand D37

Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik presents the WMM 450, a precision shaft measuring machine for the rapid measurement of rotationally symmetrical objects up to 450 mm in length and a maximum of 150 mm in diameter. High measuring speed, simple operation and the new measuring and evaluation software "Saphir" prefer the WMM 450 in a special way for workshop and measuring room use.

Balluff0719With the Series BMP Balluff has a new intelligent displacement sensor in the program, which in addition to the absolute position signal for the stroke of a piston via IO-Link can also provide information on the sensor status and the current environmental conditions. He supervises z. For example, the sensor temperature, the number of starts and gives warnings when an adjustable limit is exceeded.

Control Hall 4, 4112 Stand

With the optical 3D measuring system "Lotus"Kocos presents an automatic measuring system for fast and precise testing of complete outer contours or individual areas of any kind of measurement object - regardless of their shape. The three-dimensional measurement is carried out without contact using optical measuring sensors with an accuracy in the ╬╝m range.

moeller wedel0519Control Hall 7, 7419 Stand

Electronic autocollimators are highly accurate optical encoders that are used to measure the smallest angle changes and to adjust mirrors and other plano-optical components. M├Âller-Wedel Optical presents the new Autocollimator "Elcomat 5000 ".

Kapp0519Control Hall 6, 6110 Stand

Kapp Niles Metrology presents the completely new analytical measuring machines KNM 2X, KNM 5X and KNM 9X for the high-precision measurement of gears, gear cutting tools and rotationally symmetrical workpieces in the diameter range from 0 to 1250 mm. The manufacturer is thus expanding the product range with a complete series for mass producers and customers of frequently changing parts spectra.

microeps0419Control Hall 4, 4311 Stand

Micro-Epsilon presents the world's smallest Wire sensor: The only 8 g light MT19 wire sensor is just 19 x 19 mm in size and is used for distance and distance measurements with a measuring range of 40 mm. The sensor is extremely compact, works highly dynamically and allows cable accelerations of up to 60 g. The new MT series also includes the MT33 and the MT56, which have the smallest possible designs in relation to their measuring ranges.

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