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Baumer0719The O200 reflection light scanner with background suppression of Baumer are particularly reliable and fast in cramped engine rooms. Thanks to their increased functional reserves, they are, according to the manufacturer, currently the best in their class with a unique range of 120 mm.

schneider0719EMO Hall 6 stand D37

Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik presents the WMM 450, a precision shaft measuring machine for the rapid measurement of rotationally symmetrical objects up to 450 mm in length and a maximum of 150 mm in diameter. High measuring speed, simple operation and the new measuring and evaluation software "Saphir" prefer the WMM 450 in a special way for workshop and measuring room use.

Balluff0719With the Series BMP Balluff has a new intelligent displacement sensor in the program, which in addition to the absolute position signal for the stroke of a piston via IO-Link can also provide information on the sensor status and the current environmental conditions. He supervises z. For example, the sensor temperature, the number of starts and gives warnings when an adjustable limit is exceeded.

sauter0719EMO Hall 17 stand B08

In the age of Industrie 4.0, meaningful sensor data is fundamental to conducting efficient machining processes. Sauter presents its intelligent sensor network, which enables a digital exchange between workpiece, tool and tool turret. Through edge computing, a meaningful utilization of the extensive data takes place.

micronas0619Sensor + Test hall 1, 204 Stand

The new Current sensors "CUR 423x" The first products based on TDK's TMR technology are sold under the Micronas brand and carry the "Cursens" logo. The sensors were developed for current measurements in automotive and industrial applications.

minebea0619technical articles

Analog and digital Load cells They represent the technical basis for exact processes in the weighing and dosing of goods as well as for their billing in various industries. Digital systems have many advantages for the user. Minebea Intec is a specialist here, offers digital and analog load cells and knows when which should be used.

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