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Analoge und digitale W├Ągezellen stellen in verschiedensten Industriesparten die technische Basis f├╝r exakte Prozesse bei der Verwiegung und Dosierung von G├╝tern sowie f├╝r deren Abrechnung dar. Digitale Systeme weisen dabei viele Vorz├╝ge f├╝r den Anwender auf. Minebea Intec ist hier Spezialist, bietet digitale und analoge W├Ągezellen an und wei├č, wann welche zum Einsatz kommen sollte.

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In any additive manufacturing process that requires large quantities of powder, the oxygen content of the process air should be continually monitored to avoid dust explosions. Ntron (Michell Instruments) has developed the SIL-O2, an analyzer specifically designed to meet these requirements.

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unitronic introduces the Ultrasonic Flow Sensor Modules from Audiowell Electronics for the first time. The FS000X series uses ultrasonic sensors to perform real-time flow measurements. These are used, for example, in the detection of leaks or the control of water consumption.

Denmark-based Belden Cekan produces connectors for IT installations in office buildings, hotels and stadiums. For complex parts, quality control is achieved using a CT method: Belden Cekan relies on the Danish measurement specialist Zebicon to measure, validate and document its products. This uses the measuring system to perform the component analysis GOM CT, an industrial computer tomograph that enables nondestructive testing of part geometries, including internal structures and hidden geometries.

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As of now, a measuring adapter with the "Ix Industrial Ethernet "interface matching the Fluke "DSX Cableanalyzer "product family available: sharing Harting, Hirose and Fluke with. For the first time, cabling with the robust Ethernet interface for extreme environmental conditions can be tested according to IEC 61076-3-124 standards.

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The "Dicotemp 100" is a smart fitting from Jumo, with which a diverse temperature measurement with a thermostat or dial thermometer and a platinum chip temperature sensor can be realized at only one measuring point. A transmitter converts the resistance signal into an analog or digital signal.

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