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Nils Knepper, Product Manager modular PLC / Software, Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV, Ratingen, introduces a manual workstation with which a zero-defect assembly can be implemented on the basis of the manufacturer's products.

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kipp1118FMB South Hall 5, booth F4

The Heinrich Kipp Werk extends its product range in the field of clamping devices with automatic retracting Toggle Locators in four different versions. These facilitate the flexible machining of workpieces with draft angles.

mapal1118Multi-bladed reamers are the tool of choice when high cutting rates and short machining times are required. Due to the limitations of conventional manufacturing processes, it has not been possible with steel base bodies to distribute the coolant specifically to all effective points of the tool. Thanks to additive manufacturing, Mapal has succeeded in reshaping the coolant supply and the coolant outlet shape and optimally adjusting it to friction machining.

jakob1018SPS IPC Drives Hall 3A, Booth 370

The optimized one Power clamping screw SC von Jakob Antriebstechnik has proven its worth in presses, stamping, machine tools as well as in jig construction and equipment design. There are 4 standardized series of different sizes and graduated thread diameters as well as a special series with particularly high clamping forces.

sauter1018With the fully automatic interface "Robofix" enabled Sauter for the first time the low-arm armor of tool turrets with driven and static tools. In this system, the patented direct drive in the tool turret takes over the central tasks involved in tool change - the loosening of tools that are no longer needed and the tightening of new ones.

Kipp0918AMB Hall 1 stand G82

The Heinrich Kipp Werk has his existing offer around that 5-axis module clamping system expanded in size diameter 138. The system enables complete machining of large and heavy workpieces from five sides without interference edges.

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