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Shock absorbers for cushioning moving components

ace0619ACE Shock introduces viscoelastic shock absorbers into the portfolio for the first time and expands the field of security products, These offer long-lasting solutions for a wide variety of emergency stop applications in heavy industry, for example in crane construction and steelworks, in rail transport, at locks or wind turbines.

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For the production of silicon wafers, which serve as starting materials for semiconductor devices such as solar cells, special ovens are needed. The wafers go through different processes during production. An optimal process requires an ideal positioning. The loading of the furnaces takes place at temperatures well above 1000 ° C a fully automated, software-controlled unit. Linear modules and turntable of the loading unit are made by structural damper of ACE gesichert.


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Anyone who has been bandaged before due to a sports injury knows how important a uniform and even winding is. The same goes for the core of a large transformer, which can be hard on some 100 t. The automated process is much faster, but also much more difficult than manual. For an optimal result, the Kohl's engineering GmbH in their new vertical taping machines gas springs from ACE Shock.

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ACE Shock has Miniature Shock Absorbers Developed from their "Protection" series: The PMCN family, specially designed for use under difficult production conditions, is now equipped with protective caps made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). The protective cap designed like a bellows even more effectively prevents aggressive media from entering the sealing system of the miniature shock absorbers.

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What normally happens in dry dock, SKF and the underwater repair specialist Trident Group have recently ventured into the "wet element": For the first time, this team of experts has a swiveling Fin stabilizer of the "Type S"Installed on a floating ship. Thanks to the successful action, the affected Crusader was able to continue his journey through the Atlantic as planned.

Norelem0318Norelem extends its range with structural dampers in four different designs and 50 individual products. The high-performance damper elements made of co-polyester elastomer ensure a reliable and constant energy reduction in various applications. They are suitable, for example, for end-of-stroke cushioning in machine tools, in toolmaking, in linear technology as well as in hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

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