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kipp1018Motek Hall 3, 3325 Stand

The Heinrich Kipp Werk presents the new product line "Feature Grip". It incorporates electromechanical and sensory elements that provide feedback on a particular parameter or condition. They allow monitoring and can capture information such as condition or force.

kipp10818AMB Hall 1 stand G82
Motek Hall 3, 3325 Stand

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In the field of control panels special solutions are in increasing demand. The Heinrich Kipp Werk Corresponds to this trend with the new 3D configurator, which allows an individual design of control panels. Specific values ​​are easily entered online. Subsequently, the production takes place with the 3D printer.

Rampf0718Experience the Rampf Group, Inc. offers contract manufacturing for liquid gaskets as well as for sealing and casting components for the automotive, electronics, power engineering, household appliance, lighting and medical technology industries. This service helps users who want to outsource their production due to discontinuous production processes or do not have the volume that would justify buying their own machinery.

gemue0718Defective O-rings can cause direct and indirect consequential costs due to machine downtime, product recalls or environmental damage. When using chemicals and additives as well as elevated temperatures, the elastomer seals mentioned very quickly reach their wear limits. That's why Gemue For the product line "Icomline" a new sealing method without O-ring has been developed.

kipp0718The Heinrich Kipp Werk poses with the Clamp stop for groove profiles a practical market novelty: The spring-loaded threaded bolt prevents annoying tilting and simplifies the movement of the stop. The flexible positioning element with M6 thread is suitable for a variety of applications.

sauter0718Builds with new direct-driven rotary table series Sauter his solution competence for equipping highly productive machining centers. There are the two series RT Torque for high torques and RT Speed ​​for high speeds. Both are driven directly and can accommodate a rotary feedthrough.

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