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Linear technology with rolling and sliding guides

rodriguez1118Rodriguez offers customization of standard parts that are flexible and quick to deliver thanks to our own manufacturing capacity. As part of this service, the Eschweiler experts also take over the end processing of linear technical products: Waves, Ball Screws and trapezoidal thread spindles can be modified analogously to customer drawings.

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Represents a company in its own products built-in components with these ones, that's probably the best reference. Among other things, all plastic parts used in the 3D printers of HM-3D are built on it. For the high guidance accuracy, longevity and light construction of the devices, the manufacturer relies on the guiding components of Dr. Tretter or Alulineartechnik.

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Ball screw linear motion can be achieved with the new DEB-N Series Single Nuts Hiwin now even faster and more dynamic. The central feature of the product family is an innovative ball guide, which distributes the load over a larger number of balls.

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Whether doors, seats, tables, steps or pull-outs for batteries and power units in rail vehicles - wherever something has to be moved or adjusted in or on the train, the robust one ensures modular linear technology from Rollon for reliable function.

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Dr. Tretter offers versatile Tolerance sleeves, which are shown in a special application: As a fall arrest system in fall protection systems, they reduce the jerk in humans in a fall. This example shows the high reliability of the low cost components.

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In order to achieve smooth running characteristics and accurate axis positioning in sensitive and highly accurate systems, the specialists at Profitech IMT rely on long-lasting Ball Screws from Dr. Tretter, In case of service, the supplier ensures fast availability of these highly mechanically loaded components.

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