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Linear technology with rolling and sliding guides

Schaeffler0619Caps for rails have to fulfill significantly more functions than you would expect at first glance. High on the wish list of many customers is a quick and easy installation, a minimal annular gap between plug and rail surface and a high holding power. Fulfilled with the new patented plug "KA-TN / B" Schaeffler these important customer requirements.

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Ball screws For decades, the machine element preferably installed in machine tools has been used to move slides precisely and quickly. But like any mechanical element, they too are subject to constant wear. If they have to be replaced at the end of their service life, it is not unusual for long delivery times to cause high downtime costs for the machine involved. Dr. Tretter has the right solution in stock in many cases.

Rollon0519The roller guides of the "Compact Rail" from Rollon are highly precise, extremely robust and incredibly versatile. The self-aligning systems compensate for parallelism errors in the mounting surface and, thanks to their compact design, can be easily integrated into tight spaces.

schaeffler0519Presented with a novel cover strip for profile rails Schaeffler a very simple and practical assembly solution: The steel cover tape ADE is inserted into a matching groove of the guide rail and fixed with a screw. Compared to previous solutions, assembly time is reduced by up to 90 percent.

rollon0419The stable telescopic guides of the product series "Hegra Rail"And"Light Rail" from Rollon are robust and economical. In compact, load-bearing cross-sections, they are thus suitable for the construction of reliable and durable separations of load carriers. They work reliably, with low maintenance and very precisely.

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Success Story

The sawmill De Vree from Randwijk in Geldern has developed and built its own wood stacker. This stacking machine stacks wooden beams and boards, which are then tied into transportable packages. If the wood is damp, small slats are automatically inserted between the layers to allow ventilation and to dry the wood. Co-owner Sander de Vree has the device using "Mono Rail "profile rail guides from Rollon built.

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