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Low-maintenance plain bearings and roller bearings made of plastic and steel

NKENKE Austria provides ready-bearing units available in different designs. These consist of a cast or housing and an insert bearing. They provide a simple, reliable and affordable storage solutions for applications in material handling, for example, conveyor belts, but also for heavy machinery, farm equipment or in the steel industry.

IgusIgus is currently working on the development of several tailor-made materials for plain bearings that are exposed to extreme cleaning cycles in beverage filling, food and packaging, and medical technology. A new low-cost chemical warehouse is the first result of this development work. The tribological plastic "iglidur C210" is, as all "iglidur"Materials, designed for lubrication and maintenance-free use. The wear-resistant material is significantly more resistant to a variety of acids, solvents and hydrogen peroxide than most of the other igus 29 catalog materials. The continuous operating temperature is 100 ¬į C. A standard range of dimensions is available from stock.

FoundlingThe housing bearings of the NU series of Foundling provide a very firm and even grip on the shaft. This is made possible by two concentric rings for 360 ¬į shaft contact. Conventional bearings are fixed to the shaft with two setscrews, with one major drawback: tightening deforms the inner ring and concentricity decreases, which can affect bearing life, especially at high rotational speeds.

igusThe lubricant and maintenance-free Polymer slewing bearing from igus as ready-to-install solutions replace ball-bearing rotary tables or slewing rings. The wide range of applications is usually pivoting applications. The robust yet lightweight "iglidur PRT"Rotary table bearings are corrosion-free. The sliding elements are made of the tribo-optimized special material "iglidur J"Made.

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The particularly flexible dynamometer by Foundling makes it possible to realize product comparisons under uniform operating conditions in addition to pure life cycle tests. The rolling bearing specialist no longer relies solely on catalog information and saves its customers complex tests and load tests with the test bench.

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In model aircraft must smallest components do great, including miniature storage technology in high-end engines. For these and other small applications with special needs for compact design, lightweight and high performance features, the boulder bearing GmbH, Karlsruhe, an extensive portfolio in all performance classes.

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