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Reliable power supply mobile and stationary

eph0918EPH-Elektronik presents the world's first mobile fuel cell for off-grid power supply with TÜV SÜD certificate. The "GEOS Donator C380"Works in conjunction with batteries as a hybrid system with charging function. It is powered by clean hydrogen, performs 380 W and complies with safety and production DIN EN standards. This has been tested and certified by TÜV SÜD.

murrelektronik0718With power supply units of the "Eco-Rail-2" series from Murrelektronik Consumers in mechanical engineering and control cabinets can be supplied with energy flexibly and economically. They provide basic functionality and are future-proof.

tdk0618TDK Corporation announces the introduction of AC-DC power supplies Series CUS200LD known by TDK lambda. The output power for convection cooling is up to 120 W, for contact cooling 150 W and for 10 s even up to 206 W. The CUS200LD series has been designed for the reliable supply of LED displays as well as for industrial, radio, test, and measurement Communication devices developed.

phoenix0318Preventive function monitoring and powerful power reserve provides Phoenix Contact now also available for low power applications. To start difficult loads, dynamic boost is available with up to 200% of the rated current for 5 s.

koch0417Even drive controllers with 230 Volt AC supply voltage should not have to make do without an active DC link expansion. Therefore expanded Michael Koch With the dynamic memory manager KSM 4.0, its product range is a universal device that manages the energy balance of the drive controller.

conta clip04171Conta-Clip expands its range of screw-distributor blocks with the series SVBA and SVBKA for power distribution in control cabinets. Both series are suitable for copper and aluminum conductors. They allow a very compact potential or power distribution without additional accessories.

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