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Housing and control cabinets for electrics and electronics

LohmeierFacilitated by new products and an ergonomic concept Lohmeier Mechanics provides the development and handling of enclosures, cabinets and mounting plates and also the ability to streamline processes and achieve cost savings in the control cabinet. The EPPO concept for ergonomic process and production optimization includes mounting for all common enclosure and housing types that facilitate the physical strain for the operator in the development of housing and how to deal with it.

The EPPO components minimize lifting and carrying activities during the production process, prevent the assembly in awkward positions and provide for easier assembly. Also allow the mounting aids, that almost all handling steps can be carried out by only one person.

With the height and angle adjustable mounting tables 400 MT and MT-200 technicians can quickly and easily choose the best adjust working posture for machining, assembly and wiring of mounting plates or small enclosures and cabinets and wall. The wiring stations have moved slightly, so that the mounting plates and housing, which can be left during the entire production process on the table, can be moved easily between different work stations. With the electronic stair climber ETS 500 that acts like a hand truck with an electric motor, an operator loads up to 540 kg effortlessly over stairs and down carry. The lifting of the load takes over the engine, the instrument must be balanced. With the EPPO products opens the manufacturer not only savings in the assembly area, but also new opportunities in the injury and illness prevention.

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