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elmeko0719The current PK-enclosure cooling units from Elmeko With Peltier technology, they can be installed in a space-saving manner and can be used mobile, as they work without liquid refrigerant. The heat is transported solely by the current flow. Based on this future technology, the manufacturer builds devices with cooling capacities from 30 to 280 W for the air conditioning of small control cabinets, operating housings and control panels.

rittal0719With his new "Blue e Chillers"In the performance class from 11 to 25 kW, Rittal has significantly improved its cooling technology for chillers for machine and control cabinet cooling. With 40% less refrigerant, the devices make an important contribution to sustainable environmental protection. At the same time, users benefit from precise temperature control, simplified operation and installation, as well as new safety functions.

Elmeko20119The Peltier refrigerators from Elmeko work environmentally friendly and position independent without compressor and coolant. This works according to the same thermoelectric principle Dehumidifier "PSE 30", With which the air can effectively dehumidify in housings.

seifert0718With its KH 401 series, Seifert Systems offers slimline dimensions PTC heaters with heating power of 300 and 350 W in a compact, heat-insulating plastic housing. The two device variants are designed for temperature ranges from -10 ┬░ or -40 ┬░ C to + 70 ┬░ C and ensure with their fan technology an even heat distribution inside the housing.

leister0217Interpack Hall 18, Stand H06

Whether activate, heating, curing, melting, shrinking, welding, sterilization, drying or warming: Hot air is increasingly deployed in industrial processes. through Hot air recirculation Leister large amounts of energy and thus costs can be saved.

ctx0316Electronica Hall B1, Booth 554

CTX Thermal Solutions GmbH presents its latest developments in high-performance heat sinks in the range LED and water heatsink. The LED heatsink offer here a least 30% higher cooling capacity, while the compact fluid coolers (image) are extremely efficient.

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