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pflitsch0413PFLITSCH now provides a complete separable individual Gland Plastic ago: In the "UNI Split Gland" consist Gland and pressure screw of two parts. It is designed so that to lead cable assemblies and cable glands obsolete easy to replace without interfering and without stopping the machine concerned in the existing installation.

UNI UNI Split Gland extends the known sealing system. Fully installed this gland reached yet the high degree of protection IP 67. It is made from high quality polycarbonate M25 in size and is compatible with all application-specific TPE sealing inserts from the UNI-sealing program for cable diameters of up 2 20,5 mm. It is approved for temperatures of up to + 20 80 ° C.

In the divisible or slotted sealing inserts can be in the multiple-variant multiple cable through a gland. When assembled, the whole hole diameter cables can be used to perform, for example, plug or sensors.

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