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igus1218FMB South Hall 5, booth F16
Logimat Hall 3, Stand D21

Igus presents a new and globally unique concept for the intelligent monitoring of bus cables in e-chain systems. Thanks to the early alerting even with the smallest changes in the transmission characteristics, the "CF.D" system detects imminent plant shutdowns in good time.

pflitsch1118SPS IPC Drives Hall 3C, Stand 121

With the invention of the multiple sealing insert Pflitsch offers a very space-saving cable entry: Depending on the size of the cable gland and the cable diameter used can be in the UNI multiple screw connection lead several, even different thick cable through only one housing bore.

igus1118SPS IPC Drives Hall 4, 310 Stand

CAT5e or CAT6 lines are barely thinkable for the implementation of the industry 4.0 automation goals. Especially for use in the energy chain has Igus now the two highly flexible Ethernet cables CFBUS.045 and CFBUS.049 evolved. The CAT5e and CAT6 cables have an increased UL approval for the North American market with 600 V.

contaclip1018FMB Hall 20, booth C26

The new Implementation system KDS-FB for industrial flat cables from Conta-Clip is based on only a few basic components, with which the required conductor bushings can be plugged together in no time and without the use of tools.

Igus40918AMB Hall EO, Stand 233

Success Story

The current showcase project of Knife cutting system is the Multitherm plantthat meets the highest quality standards and increases the productivity of its users. In addition to sheet metal cutting, the system enables the integration of an additional device to cut unalloyed steel strip to the specifications of manufacturers in the construction sector. With it are energy chains from Igus.

igus0818Motelk Hall 4, booth 4320

Industry 4.0 in production is increasingly demanding new, safe and space-saving cable carriers. Therefore has Igus with the "Plane Chain"Developed an energy chain concept for long travels and high speeds. An e-chain on the side in a new specially developed guide channel ensures a compact and fail-safe power and data supply.

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