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Motek Hall 4, 4320 Stand

40 percent assembly time save users with the new tool-free opening Energy chain "E4Q" from Igus, The opening bars can be opened and closed completely without tools. To further reduce the weight of the energy chain, bionic-inspired shapes are used. In addition, optional damping elements ensure a quieter running.

pflitsch0919The new corrugated pipe system from Pflitsch "Protect" is a well thought-out and perfectly coordinated cable protection system. The flexible corrugated pipes and fittings made of high-quality polyamide are practice-oriented and cover the widest possible range of applications. They are designed for the high demands of mechanical and plant engineering, automation and robotics, the automotive industry, the navy and railway technology.

Igus0819From technical novelty to the standard right up to a forward-looking solution: that's what the Rollingenergy chains from Igus, For more than 45 years, the Motion Plastics specialist has developed power management systems that reliably route cables for all media including Ethernet, servo, motor and hoses.

igus0619Lead lines and hoses safely in working platforms or vertical lifters: For such applications Igus now developed his first plastic-steel hybrid chain. The new Energy Guide "YE.42" Thanks to high-performance polymers, 50% is lighter than conventional steel chains and provides 50% more unsupported lengths than plastic energy chains.

hy line0619Hy-Line Computer Components introduces the Maverick 63104, the world's first extender that transmits all USB modes plus DisplayPort via a single CAT6e cable. The Extender transmits DisplayPort 1.2a- (4096 x 2160 @60Hz) and USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5 Gbps data) between PC and monitor or host and device.

Hummel0519With the youngest member of the "Variapro" family Hummel turns to the process industry. The Gland Variapro FKM is designed for applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical or biotechnology industries. It is particularly resistant to acids and chemicals. Specifically, these are aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, mineral oil and gasoline, but also oxygen, ozone or water vapor.

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