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The compact monitoring relay EMD-BL from Phoenix Contact monitor current, voltage and phase sequence efficiently and reliably. In the space-saving installation housing and equipped with the push-in quick-connect technology, the devices allow fast, tool-free wiring. They are particularly suitable for simple monitoring tasks from series production to building installation.

avx1013AVX offers MLO capacitors with the lowest dielectric absorption (DA) of all comparable technologies. These capacitors are therefore very well suited for use in sample / hold (S / H) circuits. S / H circuits assume that the voltage across the capacitor remains constant during the hold time. Dielectric absorption, however, can cause voltage fluctuations that cause corresponding output errors.

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For applications in which two identically designed power supplies are required, has Cincon (Sales Emtron) Product family CLD50D developed. The device provides at its two outputs from a constant current. Jje per output depending on the type, 600 mA with a maximum output of 25,2 1000 W or W mA at 24 available.

isabellenhuette0713Especially in the low-resistance range, it is difficult to produce resistors with values ​​below 1 mOhm, which at the same time have a good temperature coefficient. In the series of measuring resistors, the Isabellenhütte the new four-wire resistor BVN. This is particularly characterized by its small design of 3,3 on 4 mm and by its extremely low temperature coefficient of below 50 ppm / K.

AVX0713AVX has expanded its multilayer Varistorserien "TransGuard" and Automotive TransGuard to glass encapsulated, acid-resistant types for high-energy applications as well as commercial, industrial and automotive applications in harsh environments. This based on semiconducting zinc oxide ceramic varistors exhibit non-linear, bi-directional UI curves and combine bidirectional overvoltage protection with EMC filter function in a compact SMT package.

oe-a0613More and more mass-produced products use organic and printed electronics. A pioneering role is played by the automotive and pharmaceutical industries, consumer electronics and packaging manufacturers. The move has brought the new technology into numerous products of daily life - often unnoticed by the user. The new OE-A Roadmap shows status and trends of applications and technologies.

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