vacuumschmelze0219The number of electric cars on the roads is increasing worldwide. The resulting evolution of the charging infrastructure leads to significant network disturbances (EMC), which require complex EMC filters. For example, the patent-pending Smart Coils of the Vacuum melt VAC used, which allow a much higher attenuation, especially at high frequencies.

Smart coils are produced inexpensively using an innovative manufacturing process. Here, instead of the usual Starkdrahtbewicklung hangers are placed on the core. The mechanical load, which acts on the core during winding, is considerably reduced and thus the damping is increased. The nanocrystalline "Viroperm" cores used show high permeability and low losses with very good thermal properties.

Smart coils are used as common mode chokes (CMCs), which provide improved attenuation at high frequencies (f> 1 MHz), minimized winding capacity and 10-fold improved impedance at 10 MHz. The new design is suitable for applications with load currents greater than 50 A at high power. Possible diameters for the copper bars are 4,5 mm, 6 mm and more. A patent for the newly developed procedure has already been applied for.

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