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Safety technology for safety automation

schmersal0618Automatica Hall B6, Booth 328

Experience the Schmersal group presents Safety light grids and safety light curtains the product series SLC / SLG 445, which are suitable for demanding environmental conditions due to an integrated multi-scan function, especially for welding robots.

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Dust explosions in industrial plants have a devastating destructive power because of their extreme increase in pressure. The IPH dust explosion suppression and decoupling system from Bormann + Neupert BS + B detects a critical pressure increase already in the millibar range and reacts with lightning speed.

schmersal20518Automatica Hall B6, Booth 328

Success Story

The Italian ACMI SpA specializes in the production of state-of-the-art bottling and packaging equipment, and the reference list reads like the Who's Who of the internationally important food and beverage groups. For the film packaging machine of the series "Fenix" has Schmersal Italia developed a safety solution with the "AZM400" posture control.

schmersal0518Automatica Hall B6, Booth 328

Compliance with strict safety requirements is the basic requirement for the operation of robotic systems in production. The Schmersal group offers a diverse, coordinated program of safety components and systems for industrial robots. With these products, the most diverse robot workstations can be reliably and efficiently secured, thus protecting the human being and increasing the productivity of the plants.

euchner0418Automatica Hall A4, Booth 302

A redesigned design, new and enhanced features as well as a modular design: The new MGB2 Modular from Euchner Thanks to the modular design, it can be flexibly adapted to the respective requirements of the protective door. With the help of two submodules, a total of up to six different operating elements can be integrated in the locking module.

rhebo0118technical articles

The announcement of the structural vulnerabilities "Meltdown" and "Specter" in almost all IT systems in the world is causing great uncertainty - not least in the industry. Rhebo specializes in the reliability of industrial control systems by monitoring data communication. With a industrial anomaly detection Companies can detect attacks related to known vulnerabilities at any time.

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