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burster0413The new dual-range torque sensor from the compact Precision Torque series 8661 the acquisition of Burster is static and rotary torque in laboratory, production and quality assurance. With only one sensor can now load large areas using different area spreads for ranges ... 0 5 0 ... 200 Nm to Nm at a deviation from linearity 0,05% are recognized by E.. Thanks to the optional USB interface and the convenient PC software "Digivision", the user sets its measurement task to both stationary and mobile.

Depending on the model and software version torque, speed, angle measurements and calculation of mechanical power for up to 32 measurement channels are visualized, recorded and evaluated. The new, powerful formula editor allows using mathematical operands, calculating, for example, efficiency, moving averages.

Measure the plug + software concept with auto scaling function allows the user a very short start-up phase. The calculated results of the mathematical formula editor can be displayed and evaluated either numerically or graphically. The connection to Labview or integration into your own programs is easily implemented using the free driver package. The options rotation angle (up to 0,09 ¬į) and speed measurements allow, besides the torque measurement, the detection of other process-related metrics. The also integrated in the dual range design LED status display provides in addition to a variety of status reports also provide information for each active range.

Its strengths can fully develop the new sensor in two version, especially in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčindustrial automation, on engine test beds and in the medical and electrical engineering. The measurement of, for example, continuous load, start-up or Losbrechdrehmomenten is possible, as the brief capture of peak load. Changeover or the realignment of the test adaptation thing of the past.

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