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Schaeffler "Durasense" monitors the tribological state of the linear guide based on vibration signals. The system consists of carriages with a sensor system specially developed for this task and a pre-processing unit for up to seven sensors. The pre-processing unit is at the heart of the process because it evaluates the sensor signals and generates a meaningful characteristic value, the lubricant characteristic value.

schaeffler1019Durasense makes use of the effect that the emitted vibration energy of the carriage is influenced by aging lubricant or decreasing lubricant quantity. The lubricant characteristic value determined during the test runs describes the current lubrication state of the carriage and sends a signal to the machine control if a lubrication limit value generated in a new state (= setpoint state) is exceeded. Optionally, Durasense can be combined with a lubrication system from the company "Concept2" or "Concept8".

The system detects a correct or missing relubrication. Unpredictable and premature machine failure due to insufficient or non-executed relubrication and maintenance are now a thing of the past.

Picture above: The pre-processing unit for connecting up to seven sensors for monitoring the lubrication status of INA profile rail guides.

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