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ncte0719NCTE presents with the 3200 series a new compact non-contact torque sensor specially developed for the replacement of standard sensors on the test bench. Compared to sensors based on strain gauges, the magnetic technology of the 3200 impresses with a completely non-contact, maintenance-free measuring system with a compact design.

Baumer06191Harsh environmental conditions and regular cleaning cycles often expose sensors to outdoor, sanitary and washdown applications. The IP protection classes IP 68 and IP 69K ensure that they can withstand these demanding conditions - tested in new condition. But what happens during the many years of hard work in the field? With "Protect +"has Baumer a solution to this challenge.

Turck0619With the VS8 range of its optical sensor partner Banner Engineering Turck Now miniature sensors for precise detection in confined spaces or near moving objects. The optoelectronic sensors Detect very small parts and other difficult objects that easily overwhelm other sensors.

Baumer0619technical articles

The optimal way to more efficiency in the production is the standardization, although the demands on individualization increase. But is that possible? Every industry, every machine, every application needs the appropriate technical solution. A good example of this are sensors whose properties must always be precisely tailored to the specific application. For Baumer applies: standard must not mean average. In six dimensions, the sensor specialist gives its performance promise "Beyond the standard".

inelta0519Sensor + Test hall 1, 457 Stand

The new force measuring amplifier with integrated OLED display from Inelta offers a very compact and powerful solution for signal amplification and measurement control with strain gauge force sensors. With its small dimensions of only 54 x 30 x 17 mm, the amplifier / display unit is one of the smallest and most handy devices in its class.

ncte0519Sensor + Test hall 1, 167 Stand

NCTE presents the smallest non-contact torque sensor for serial applications. For an automotive supplier, the manufacturer realized the sensor on a shaft, not much thicker than a toothpick. Also to see how the non-contact torque sensors are suitable for internal measurements in hollow shafts and retrofitting into existing applications.

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