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inelta0519Sensor + Test hall 1, 457 Stand

The new force measuring amplifier with integrated OLED display from Inelta offers a very compact and powerful solution for signal amplification and measurement control with strain gauge force sensors. With its small dimensions of only 54 x 30 x 17 mm, the amplifier / display unit is one of the smallest and most handy devices in its class.

ncte0519Sensor + Test hall 1, 167 Stand

NCTE presents the smallest non-contact torque sensor for serial applications. For an automotive supplier, the manufacturer realized the sensor on a shaft, not much thicker than a toothpick. Also to see how the non-contact torque sensors are suitable for internal measurements in hollow shafts and retrofitting into existing applications.

PIL0519Sensor + Test hall 1, 457 Stand

The new ultrasonic sensor "P53 compact" from PIL sensors combines a compact design with improved range. With a length of only 50 mm, the M30-designed device covers a wide detection range from 250 to 2500 mm. Made of stainless steel (1.4404), the sensor unit can be used reliably even in harsh environments thanks to its completely sealed housing in protection class IP68.

Baumer0419Count, measure, detect - sensors from Baumer have a clearly defined task in machines and plants. There is a lot more in the small powerhouses. Numerous sensors from Baumer therefore have IO-Link, a fast communication interface that transmits not only the actual measured values, but plenty of additional information - in both directions.

ATAutomation0219AT - Automation Technology presents with the MCS series high-speed modular 3D compact sensors, a world first. Users can configure their own solutions for their applications. You specify the desired performance data such as scan width (x-FOV), working distance, points per profile and scan speed and get a perfectly tailored, composed of corresponding modules 3D.

Baumer10219technical articles

Insensitivity to ambient light, detection of objects with ultra-black and glossy surfaces as well as transparent objects and the constant high measuring speed in as compact as possible machine designs: these are the challenges faced by the manufacturers of optical sensors. Baumer offers with the new miniature sensors the Series O200 a solution that works reliably and quickly, even in demanding circumstances. Thus, the efficiency potential of today's manufacturing processes can be fully exploited.

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