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Sensors for automated production

Siko introduces its new high-resolution Absolute sensor MSA213CC in front. It not only supplies the absolute position without referencing and backup battery at any time, but thanks to its small design and numerous interfaces, it can be integrated directly into the system and control environment.

The bearingless encoders of Baumer are robust and reliable thanks to magnetic scanning even under the harshest environmental conditions. Due to their compact design, they can be integrated directly into existing mechanisms.

Ege1218With the inductive proximity switches "Igex20a" now presents EGE with a compact sensor that can be used directly in Zone 0 / 20 without any additional switching amplifier. This is certified to Atex and IECEx. The IECEx approval simplifies the worldwide use of the sensors in countries that have joined the scope of the standards.

Baumer1118 spsSPS IPC Drives Hall 4A, Booth 335

Efficient and precise measure the magnetic Absolute encoders of the series "EAM580 / 360" from Baumer, According to the manufacturer, they surpass all competitor products with comparable robustness and longevity in terms of absolute angular accuracy.

kuebler1118SPS IPC Drives Hall 7A, Booth 506

In line with the trend in elevator technology, K├╝bler offers bearingless encoders as non-contact magnetic measuring systems. The bearingless measuring system is especially suitable for external rotor motors. The measuring system consisting of an incremental sensor and a magnetic ring is high-resolution, space-saving, flexible and easy to install.

asc1018ASC sensors not only monitor construction machinery or rail networks, but also in the context of so-called structural health monitoring Structures, At the new Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge, CS series current signal sensors help authorities identify the impact of a ship impact on the piers.

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