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Sensors for automated production

baumer1119SPS hall 3, booth 240

Will a new sensor from Baumer Once installed in a machine, various parameters such as switching point, switching window, filter, sound beam width, output logic must first be set to the application. The parameter server function is over the IO-Link interface the solution for a parameter transfer within seconds.

lenord1119SPS hall 7A, booth 210

In order to promote digital networking by means of universal, standardized interfaces, the network "Umati" (universal machine tool interface) has been established. Lenord + Bauer participates in the project with intelligent built-in encoders, which make it possible to transfer process data in standard language. This results in new approaches to condition monitoring.

schmersal21019FMB 21 Hall, Booth A13

The Schmersal group has introduced the first RFID-based safety sensor, which has been designed in accordance with the Atex 2014 / 34 / EU directive and can be used in Ex zones 2 (Gas-Ex, category 3G) and 22 (dust-ex, category 3D). Thus, the EX-RSS16 combines two essential features for the safety of systems: the functional safety according to ISO 13849 and the explosion protection.

baumer1019FMB Hall 20, booth E13

With the help of high-precision inductive sensors, a significant added value in the production environment can be generated: All states of the components can be queried precisely and thus the predictive maintenance can be realized. Baumer starts with "Smart Gripping"the digitization at the sensor.

schaeffler1019SPS hall 8, booth 311

Schaeffler "Durasense" monitors the tribological state of the linear guide based on vibration signals. The system consists of carriages with a sensor system specially developed for this task and a pre-processing unit for up to seven sensors. The pre-processing unit is at the heart of the process because it evaluates the sensor signals and generates a meaningful characteristic value, the lubricant characteristic value.

ncte0719NCTE presents with the 3200 series a new compact non-contact torque sensor specially developed for the replacement of standard sensors on the test bench. Compared to sensors based on strain gauges, the magnetic technology of the 3200 impresses with a completely non-contact, maintenance-free measuring system with a compact design.

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