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Success Story

Smart City is the future of our cities, a trend in the Mobile automationthat does not leave the topic of waste disposal untouched. Vehicles that automatically pick up, empty and dispose of waste containers are now part of the streetscape in many communities. As a specialist for such modern waste disposal systems is the Villiger AG in Oberr├╝ti, Switzerland. Numerous sensors from Baumer ensure reliable operation.

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The advanced version of a proven sensor and a new four-camera sensor solution with top speeds in scan and data processing now bring the fully automatic "handle in the box". Particularly robust and with high speed, the two sensors "Intellipick3D-Pro" and "Powerpick3D" of Isra Vision even difficult production requirements.

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technical articles

The air traffic control radar or the lidar in meteorology - both methods are based on the same principle: A signal is radiated and reflected by the object to be measured. By measuring the transit time measurement, it is very easy to deduce the distance. This so-called time-of-flight method is also the basis for the new one Distance sensors of the PMD OGD series from IFM Electronic.

Baumer0818Absolute encoders of the EAL580 series from Baumer offer the highest variance of real-time Ethernet interfaces with Profinet, Ethercat and Ethernet / IP. For applications in plant engineering and mechanical engineering, the EAL580 not only offer state-of-the-art communication stacks, but also a very space-saving and economic design with radial connections and an extremely short installation depth of 47 mm.

baumer0418Aggressive media such as vapors or cleaning agents can damage the sensor front of ultrasonic sensors, the so-called transducers, and thus impair its function. The chemically robust ┬źUnar / Urar 12┬╗ Miniature sensors from Baumer Thanks to a patented, wafer-thin Parylene coating on the front of the sensor and a stainless steel all-metal housing, they are ideal for such environments.

baumer0218Whether container crane systems, lifting bridges or steelworks, the availability of plants always has the highest priority. With the series HMG10P / PMG10P there Baumer more intelligence in there operational Heavy duty rotary encoder, Using a WLAN adapter, these can be conveniently parameterized from any input device. This allows individual adjustment and optimization of numerous device parameters on site.

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